Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla story link Imagine a fast-food restaurant where we find two boys and a girl, goofing around and acting like typical teenagers. Each is as different as their chosen beverage, yet something unique has brought them together. Allow your mind's eye to zoom in and listen as a perhaps not-so-typical scene unfolds.
Dreamed You Were Me story link In our dreams, almost anything can happen. For Josh and Tiff, a shared dream has some unsettling consequences in the 'real' world.
This story is included in the Codey's World Summer Vacation and Back to School collection.
Gender Express story link In the future, changing your gender will be as easy as getting a tattoo or some interesting body piercings. Of course, it'll still be just as hard convincing your parents to let you do it as it would any other creative body modifications.
Stand Up story link In this dark vision of a future world, individuality is considered a serious anti-social disorder. One person has decided to stand up from the crowd. This is the story of her trial and her pleas to the humanity behind blind, staring masks.
Why Snowflakes Aren't Afraid to Fall story link What would make something as beautiful and fragile as a snowflake brave enough to come hurtling down to the hard, cruel earth? The answer might surprise you.
Silent Summer Sisters poem link Sometimes, a gesture can reach the heart of someone you love where the most eloquent words would fail.