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Alien Son

Black Dog

Depressed teen

Michael is a typical teenager living in an Australian country town. He has a loving family and cool friends, and is doing well at school. Then he suffers a major trauma.

This is the story of his journey inwards in the aftermath of this life-changing event.

10 chapters

The Worst Day

Young boy looking sad

It started out as Thomas's worst day ever. Then a stranger brought startling news.

The Worst Day was written to celebrate AwesomeDude's tenth anniversary.

Short story ~4500 words

Another Day

Airplane wing

It’s two years on, and there are changes in the air for Thomas and Andrew.

While it is not necessary to read The Worst Day first, doing so will introduce the main characters and provide context for this story.

Short story ~3800 words

Accidentally Poetic

Hand writing with fountain pen

A collection of seven poems and a short story, most written during a hospital stay of six months following a car accident... hence the title.

7 poems
And a short story ~1000 words

No More Loneliness


Alex was born profoundly deaf. His childhood was spent in a silent world with few friends. His father retires and the family moves to a lighthouse near a small country town. The first day of the summer holidays brings a new friend... and a new life for Alex.

Short story ~16200 words



I am Australian, and my writing includes words, expressions and terms that might not be familiar to readers from other countries. The glossary lists and explains these. It was originally compiled to help readers of Black Dog, but it may be useful as a general reference for Australian English.

New entries will be added as necessary; E&OE :)