Naptown Tales

By Altimexis

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Naptown Tales ~ Introduction What led to a series of stories set in Naptown.
Broad Ripple Blues Ice cream plus a rain storm equals something neither David nor Jeremy thought they had.
Back to School Jitters David and Jeremy found each other over ice cream, one rainy day. School’s about to start. Can they find acceptance if they come out?
A Dance to Remember So, do you wanna go to the homecoming dance?
Educating My Parents Trevor finds a way to come out to his Evangelical Christian parents.
Halloween Hero Barry must choose between family members, and faces misgivings, fear, courage, loyalty, and what is love.
My First Thanksgiving Will an immigrant teen find freedom or more persecution, among strange new people, religions, and customs like Homecoming, Halloween, and Thanksgiving?
The Un-Christmas Two boys, a Jew and a Muslim, face tragedy together and learn to find faith in their own religions as the world around them celebrates Christmas.
A New Year Resolution Trevor is under pressure from all sides for being gay and evangelical. But things heat up when his church tries to get the school to drop textbooks and the GSA.
All My Heart Carrie likes a boy, but memories and shadows may be the keys to a lie or the truth separating them. Caution: Mature themes.
Class Election When David is talked into running for Sophomore class president he never expected that it would become a "News at Eleven" feature.
Positive What happens when your worst fear comes true? Caution: Mature themes.
The Future Starts Now Cathy and Debbie were the perfect couple until they were forced to come out. After their breakup, alone and pregnant, Cathy finds the strength to go on until she and Debbie meet again. Will love again blossom? Caution: Mature themes.