Desperate Doomed Horror by Ayushi Mehrotra

A horror story that could have been a dream, or a hallucination... or maybe something else.

I don’t actually know where I was. I was somewhere in a dark, black room, with no walls, no roof and no floor. I was spooked out with the chills this horrible place gave me; I was scared up to my nerves!

Then as I pondered where I was, a picture snapped before my eyes, just like the scene of a movie. It was a hospital room, most probably, but there were no doctors there, there were some strange people around.

Everything was blurred yet, I could make out there were tiny people with huge faces, big eyes and silvery skin.

Then I saw a body. A body on which they were working. As I looked closer, I could see that body. To my surprise, it was me! That meant that I was either dead or dreaming. To confirm, I slapped myself, but I guess that I didn’t wake up. Yes, I was not dreaming. Now, to check that I was not dead, I tried to walk through the door as spirits do, but unfortunately, all I could do was to bang my head on the door, which was quite painful.

I couldn’t understand that, why was I here, I mean that I wasn’t dead or dreaming. I came near to my body and saw that it seemed lifeless and pale white. I tried to wake myself up, but nothing happened, I didn’t wake up.

I saw those people again. Strange and unusual, they were working on my body. Operating on it, testing my blood, gorging my eyes, and listening to my heartbeat. God knows what they were looking for.

Then they inserted some sort of a drill in my ear, I felt a sensation of pain, I could see my body wriggle a bit from the pain. I bit my lip; I could feel the pain too! Then they took out some flesh from the gash they had made at my abdomen. It was strange! I didn’t feel any pain. They inspected the flesh, took out some tissues and then inserted the flesh back again. They didn’t use any surgical instruments for the surgery, but they were using something like lasers. They had cut through my body with the laser-like thing and then put back again everything through that laser cut that then they erased. It was so easy and so simple, as if no surgery had taken place. Very weird indeed! They opened one of my eyes and inserted a knife-like thing into it. They took out some cells from my eye, I guess, and stored them in a box that had some weird engraving on it.

I really do not know what happened next, because I changed to a small ball of light, and the very next moment everything was blank, dark and seemed doomed. I really don’t know what happened after that; neither could I make out how and where I was, or what was going on.

I woke up the next morning. I was fine, but I really didn’t know whether it was a dream or not. The strange, horrid dream I had….

Finding no real solution, I decided to write down my dream. My English teacher liked it and my class was spellbound by the plot and narration. Yet I was still very, very scared inside. I was scared because this was the strangest nightmare I ever had. I could see aliens working on my body; I was neither dreaming nor alive or dead.

I could remember and feel the pain those people were causing to my body and me. I could remember and feel when I was changed to a ball of light. Yet I couldn’t make out whether it was true, or a dream, or maybe some sort of hallucination.

What do you think happened?

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