So that we live together as one by Ayushi Mehrotra

A statement about religions and wars and a cry for peace

...So that we live together as one


Amidst the roar of these temple bells, amidst the shower of flowers,

I've but heard a thousand gunshots, a thousand wails; unheard for hours.


Amidst the call of the azan, amidst the holiness of prayers,

I've but heard a thousand cries; the dilemma never clears.

What is true blasphemy?


I've never considered war for a God,

Nor it's worth it; it's not worth a war at all!

Then why does the temple bell sound like a knell?

Why does the lamp's fire seem to be the fire of hell?


These are the holiest things we've got,

The conch, the Koran, the Gita, the Bible,

Then why is it that no one cares for what they say?

Why isn't a peaceful world possible?

Why is life a trivial giveaway?


Trivial giveaway? Gone forever,

Life, the gift of God to humanity,

Some treasure it, other just take it away,

Never returning; gone forever


For some life is a trivial giveaway,

For some it's like a negotiated good,

'Give me your life and I'll give you happiness'

Never considering the murder behind this 'unreal' truth.


Life, my love; is God's eternal jewel,

Yet some, love to throw it away, like an unworthy stone,

Sure they are monsters, demons and cruel,

Forget it, they are brainwashed fools.


There are some, who kill and get killed for God,

But they never ever look for its consequence,

God never wishes for sacrifices so odd,

My love, there are people using you, 'cause they have an evil whim to quench.


Yes, an evil whim to quench,

Why would God want you to take innocent lives?

You know that in every being, its energy, its essence resides.

Why would God want you to destroy temples and mosques, cut holy books piece by piece?

When you know God reveals in them eternal, everlasting peace.

Oh God, there is no end to this it seems,

Come here, come down and end this ugly scene.

Bless us oh God! Save us from this eternal evil,

Slay the evil consuming helpless lives; save these scapegoats from blaspheming devils.


Oh God! If you exist then save thy daughter, thy Earth,

She is not to be killed so brutally; isn't she not worth your love?


We are at fault, we aren't at peace,

We have breached love, destroyed faith and harmony; piece by piece.

But can we get salvation; punishment for our crimes?

Forgive us oh Lord; come back, because it's time.


Ride down from the sky like thunder; swoop down on evil like a wild fire,

Purify evil souls, return their innocence,

Ruin unhappiness, the cause of evil's desire.

Oh God, protect us, shower your eternal love,

We are in dire need of the blessings from the heavens above.


Bless us so that there aren't any fights,

No attempt of massacre of innocent lives,

Oh God, bless our souls,

Bless us; don't let us fall apart,

So that we can love each other as a whole,

So that we can be together as one,

So that we love one another; fight, no one...

So that we live together as one...

So that we live together as one...

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