The Story of a Forgotten Childhood by Ayushi Mehrotra

A poem about growing up.

The Story of a Forgotten Childhood

It dawned upon me at birth,

And priceless was its worth,

The ultimate journey to girlhood and boyhood,

The memorable, long forgotten childhood.


It didn’t ask for any help,

Had numerous stories to tell; the childhood!

But lost; its shadow asks me in shock,

‘Do you know where have you lost childhood?’


Pure white was the innocent, childhood,

Dreamland of a wonderful childhood,

Lost and bygone, now it asks,

‘Who stole away my childhood?’


Asking and telling numerous stories, the childhood,

Lost in counting dreams, the childhood,

Now seeks refuge in history, the childhood,

Lost among seas of discovery, the childhood.


Who has answers to questions of childhood?

Who has the account of the innocence of childhood?

Who has the deepest wish of childhood?

None but the old, frail childhood!


It was lost in labour and found in memories,

It was cherished in the past, and recalled by stories,

But none missed the age of innocence,

The important journey has lost its importance!

The child has lost the childhood and the adults seek it for help,

The childhood lost its importance; whom to ask and tell.


Still, the frail childhood quivers a mirthful song,

‘In every new being I’ll be born,

I’ll dawn again every morn,

I’ll dawn again every morn…’

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