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2008-08-16 Tears of the Dragon Boy

A boy is changed by his world's storm, increasingly becoming dragon-like. When he and his brother are outlawed and his parents are killed, can he face down the people accusing them, to win justice, or will he give in to the urges of his inner dragon?

Short Stories

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Updated: 2014-09-20

Short stories.

2010-01-23 Once Upon a Forgotten Christmas

A Boy searches for warmth on a Christmas Eve and finds much more.

2010-01-23 A New Trek

Trek has no interest in leaving his room or the house. But his mother has other ideas.


Flash Fiction

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Updated: 2009-09-26

Very short stories.

2009-09-26 A Bus Ride to Truth


2009-09-26 A Freshman on Santa’s Lap


2008-08-16 Sex Ed in Rudy Sharkey’s Class


2008-08-16 That First Kiss



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Poetry and lyrics.

The White Ribbon Campaign

2008-11-01 Love Survives -
A Tribute to Codey
2009-09-19 Heartless Constipation of the Mind
2009-09-19 The Great Throupadore Hunt
2009-09-19 The Throw Away Boy
2009-09-19 Who’s in Charge