New Course

Gay male Sexuality and Safe Sex Practices

March, 02, 2005

School administration officials are happy to announce a new course, available to students on a voluntary enrollment plan. 

Due to the nature of same sex schools such as ours, and in the interests of  experimentation, school officials today have instituted a new learning experience course.  This course has been designed by leading experts in the field and will be made available to any student who can demonstrate an accepted degree of pubertorial development.

Beginners classes will be held weekly as an integrated part of the homeroom experience and all instructors will be furnished an ample supply of Bananas, cucumbers and zucchini squash, to illustrate the various themes, by the school cafeteria.

Advanced classes will be held nightly in Evers Residence room 69.  Classes will start 15 minutes following lights out.  These advanced classes will be a hands on learning experience and will require student participation, so be prepared before you come.

Our school administrators are proud to be in the vanguard of this new and stimulating educational field. They feel this will be an arousing experience for all participants.