Rumors -- a flash fiction story by Colin Kelly

Gossip can hurt when lies are spread and reputations are tarnished, but when the rumors are true, sometimes the gossip can yield positive results...

I saw you at your locker after third period that Wednesday, and you were crying. I asked you why, you told me. I hugged you to console you, you hugged me back. Then you left school.

People saw us. Rumors started. We were gay. We were boyfriends. I dumped you. I didn’t hear the rumors at first, but people gave me strange looks. When I heard them I said you’d just learned your father died, and left to fly to Chicago for the funeral. The rumors persisted. I didn’t care, they’d pass.

I thought about you. We’d been friends, but not close friends. But I thought about you. I couldn’t get you out of my mind.

You were back at school on Monday, looking sad. The rumors persisted, people gave you dirty looks. They blamed you.

I phoned you Monday night saying we had to talk. You said ‘no’ but I hung up and walked to your house anyway. You were sitting on your porch, crying. You told me part of the rumors were true. You liked me. That way. A lot. I smiled, then kissed you. I said I liked you too. That way. A lot. And you smiled.

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