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An eclectic gathering of free spirits, misfits and outcasts, Codey's World is not for the faint of heart or those with closed minds. Here you will be exposed to genius and idiocy, comedy and drama, people of action and those who only react, young and old, gay and straight and all points in-between.

We will strive to introduce you to new ideas and alternative views of old ideas. Discussions in our forums may become lively and heated but must always remain polite with no name calling or personal attacks. Those who think the way to convince others of the validity of their ideas is calling names or making personal attacks will quickly be shown the door and it will be locked behind them. Respect must be shown, at all times, for other members or non members including public figures with whom you disagree.

In Codey's World, we will share stories and poetry by a wide variety of authors. These stories may include gay themed stories but if you are looking for graphical sexual content, you are definitely in the wrong place and you should keep on surfing. If that's where your interests lie, there are many sites on the web that are available to you.

Privacy and safety are primary concerns here, especially for our younger members, and any attempts to breach privacy will lead to immediate banning from this site.

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