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Never Again

By Mike Norby

  1. Why must life be so damn difficult?
  2. Just to get a little satisfaction?
  3. Every night I cry myself to sleep thinking.
  4. Thinking about you and all the pain you caused me.
  5. I live my life in anticipation,
  6. Wondering if I will wake up the next.
  7. I remember when you held me
  8. And you said “I’ll love you forever.”
  9. What ever happened to those words?
  10. And that face that you always had
  11. When we were together.
  12. What ever happened to that face?
  13. Never again will I allow what you put me through to reoccur
  14. and cause me so much pain and suffering.
  15. I loved you once, I loved you twice,
  16. I can not possibly love you anymore.
  17. It all happened so fast and unstoppable.
  18. Once I saw it, it was too late.
  19. You are gone now and I can not change that.
  20. Never again can I allow this to happen.