Pertinax Carrus Stories

Short Stories

Cisco & Pancho story link Two guys are all set to go to college. But problems intervene and they start a website to pay the bills.
Things don’t work out quite the way they expected.
Now what are they going to do?
Leviticus story link A Talk about Leviticus and being selective about what you read.
The Murder of Rick West story link What happens when an innocent and sheltered young man picks up a bit of male pornography? Unexpected lives are touched and old assumptions challenged.
Worlds change, and not always for the good.
The Stafford Pharmacy story link Ed and his father weren't speaking to each other. Then things became more complicated and much worse for Ed.
What's in a Name story link When you’re with some friends and you don’t have anything better to do, start a discussion about where everyone’s first names come from. This story is based on the characters in the novel Bryce and Damon IV on AwesomeDude.

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