Mine Now ~ bedroom redecorated

by Richard Norway


He was only 17 years old, but Erick knew that he couldn’t take anymore. He had felt his resolve growing the older he got. He had grown in the last three years to his 6’-1” stature and at 185 pounds, he knew that he could finally stand up for himself. His only fear over the last year had been that he needed the courage inside of himself to go with his outward physical strength.

He wasn’t sure that he had it yet when his older brother entered his room, scowling. Scott had been away at college and was expected home for the Christmas holidays, but not this early.

“You son of a bitch!” Scott screamed as he slammed the door behind him. “What gives you the fucking right?”

Erick clambered back on the bed away from his brother, hitting his head on the wall, clutching his chest, the old fears returning.


“Just shut up! I gave you specific instructions, you little dipshit.”

Erick didn’t respond right away, looking at the fury in his brother’s eyes.

“Scott, I’m not so little anymore.”

Scott stopped his forward movement and looked at his brother. He looked for a long time, not speaking, staring at his brother.

“Yeah, I see that you’ve finally grown up. But what gave you the right?” Scott finally demanded.

Erick shuffled down from the head of the bed to sit cross legged in the middle. Looking at his brother, Erick felt that it was time.

“Scott. You get the couch in the family room. This is my room now. And I changed it the way I want it.”

Scott looked at his brother and smiled.

“Bout time you got some balls. I think you need a wedgie.”

Erick narrowed his eyelids and stared at Scott, trying to hide his grin.

“Just try it, asshole.”