Asperger's Ribbon


A boy fears the holiday, and his parents’ love, have disappeared.

Timmy’s Santa

It was just another workday, until they found the bear in the mail.

If Wishes Could Come True

A wish may never come true...or does it, on Valentine’s Day?

Best of Friends – Ending by Trab

Three friends go on a hike and find something unexpected.

Don’t You Hate It When That Happens?

“Journeys end at lovers’ meeting.”

Entirely Too Soon

You can never be too careful...or can you?

Time Stood Still

A short, sharp tale on the state of bee-ing.

First Date, and Last

She liked him a lot. That first-ever date can be a little awkward.

Flash Fiction

Short short stories on lots of subjects.

Poetry NEW!

Poetry in rhyme or freeform.