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We are always accepting stories and poems to publish on Codey’s World. You will find our submissions information at the right.

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If you would like to submit a short story, long-form story, or poem (or all three!) then please email us at:

If you are really creative and have an idea that you aren't sure will fit, send it anyway, and we will reply to you. We encourage creative approaches.

We may accept or (in rare cases) reject your story or poem. Or we may suggest some editing. Again, you'll receive a reply.

Please remember we want stories that are suited primarily for a teen and young adult audience, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, though we have other kinds of readers too. Check our submissions page for more details.

Our submission policy is simple: No gratuitous or graphic sex, drug usage, or violence. Anything else is acceptable.

Please submit your stories or poems by the due date; earlier, if possible. If you have a reasonable delay, due to family or health or “real life,” we will include your work as soon as we can.

All submissions will be read and approved by one of our Editors. Any editing will be approved by the author prior to publication. Authors retain all rights to their works, including the right to publish their works at other sites.

If you do not wish your email to be included with your story, just let us know.