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Do you have a story or poem to share?

Our submission policy is simple: No gratuitous, explicit, or graphic sex, drug usage, or violence. We do not accept fan fiction, boy-band stories, or any other kind of story that is not wholly and entirely original, and you must be the original author submitting the work.

Messy real life? Coming-of-age? Fun, fantasy, science fiction, and other genres? — You decide. If you are really creative and have an idea that you aren’t sure will fit, send it anyway, and we will reply to you. We encourage creative approaches. The content does not have to have a gay theme or characters; it just has to be an interesting story that others will want to read.

Please note that we want stories that are suited primarily for a teen and young adult audience, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, though we have adult readers as well.

We accept and post short stories including flash fiction, serial novels, novellas, and poems.

Serial novels are a special case. We prefer that you submit all chapters of a completed serial novel with your initial submission. If it’s a story in progress you must have several chapters you can send us with your initial submission and commit that you will complete the novel. The posting schedule for a serial novel is one chapter each week. Note: If we don’t have all chapters of a serial novel, and you fail to complete it, at our discretion we may remove that story from Codey’s World or leave it on the site with a note that the author did not complete the story (just think how embarrassing that will be for that author!). If the author is not able to finish the story due to illness or other factors, we reserve the right to convert it to a novella if that would make sense.


All submissions will be read and approved by one of our editors. Your story must meet our submission guidelines. Any minor editing that we do will be sent to the author for approval prior to posting. Stories that require extensive editing (many consistency, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar errors, poor sentence structure, etc.) will be returned to be appropriately revised.

We may accept or (in rare cases) reject your story or poem. Or we may suggest some editing. Again, you’ll receive a reply.


If you find a typo or something else in a story that’s posted on Codey’s World, let us know! We’ll be glad to make the correction. If you decide to rewrite a major section of your story, send us a Word doc or docx file with that complete section. We’ll use it to replace the section.


Authors retain all rights to their works, including the right to post or who have posted their works at other sites. When you submit a story or poem to Codey’s World and we accept it you are granting us the right to post it online on our site.

Your story or poem must be original, and you must own the copyright. We do not accept or read: fan fiction, boy-band stories, or any other kind of story that is not wholly and entirely original to you who must be the original author submitting the work.

If you inlclude copyrighted material, including images (see below), music, or quotations, or links to copyrighted material, you must submit a signed release from the copyright owner for those items.


We need a short “blurb” about your story to interest potential readers. You can see examples by going to our Stories page.


Most stories on Codey’s World include an image. You can send us an image for use at the top of your story and chapter pages. You must use your own images, or open source images, or images for which you have licensed usage rights. By sending us an image you are guaranteeing that you have a license or other rights for posting the image on a website, and specifically on Codey’s World. If it’s from a commercial source, including a Creative Commons License, provide the name of the source and the item number. We will post this information with your story or poem.

Alternatively, we can find an appropriate image that is available at no charge (usually from a Creative Commons source). Just let us know, and if you have an idea of what you would like we’ll see what we can find; we’ll get your okay for the image before posting your story.

Your Email Address

If you do not wish an email address to be included with your story, just let us know. Some authors prefer it that way; most sign up for a free email address from Gmail (or another provider) for the purpose of receiving comments from readers. Having readers engaged in your stories means they will come back to the site looking for more stories that you’ve written.

It’s strongly recommended that you do not use your current personal email address.

File Formats

We accept the following:

  • Word .docx (preferred) and .doc files;
  • Word-compatible .docx or .doc files (but not other file extensions) from Libre Office, OpenOffice, and similar word processing programs;
  • We cannot use web pages; please convert them to .docx files before submitting them.

We prefer the above formats to plain text files. However, if you absolutely must submit a plain text file we’ll accept it. Note that we convert plain text files into Word .docx files; we cannot be responsible for formatting anomalies as a result of the conversion. It’s best if you do the conversion yourself before submitting it.

Submitting Your Story

When you’re ready to submit a short story, flash fiction, a serial novel (complete or several chapters of an in-progress novel), or a poem, then please email us, with your file(s) attached, to our new email address:

We’re always interested in having new writers join the Codey’s World family of authors. Send us your completed story or poem or a description of something that you’ve started or plan on starting.