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[School bell sounds]

Good morning Students and teachers, this is your Headmaster with an Urgent message.

Last night was the monthly school board meeting and while I was waiting for the board members to arrive I decided to go web surfing, I’m sorry, I mean, I was researching educational sites on the Internet where I discovered Codey’s World, A web site for people and literature, which is of course how I came across it. That’s Codey’s World, www.c o d e y s

For those of you who do not know, Codey was a student at this school. On March 2nd, 2005, feeling bored and looking for some way to spice things up, he wrote what he thought would be a good prank. By twisting the arm of a computer geek type friend, to get him the password to the admin section, he was able to post it on the school Intranet.

From what I read on Codey’s World, Frank, err I mean Codey’s unnamed accomplice, had advised him to wait until lunch to post the article to the school intranet, but he didn’t tell Codey why. So Codey, being the jump in first, then learn to swim type, that he was, couldn’t wait and posted it from his work station in the homeroom.

Just so that you all know, the school computer God keeps a record of the time and work station something is posted from, so by the next morning, Codey was in deep doo-doo, I mean trouble.

If he had waited till lunch time and posted from the library we would never have known who had posted it.

His prank article earned him 20 demerits and a 30 day suspension from the school intranet. Let this be a warning to you all.

Codey posted all these details on his web site.

When the school board arrived for the meeting, they saw what I was looking at and read the article for themselves.

Now boys, times change and the school administrators have come to the conclusion that Codey actually had a very good idea. So they have asked me to read Codey’s New Course to you and to inform you that they are going to make it available for all students who meet the requirements. I will now read the details as Codey posted them.

New Course - Flyer

“Codey’s suspension from the intranet” was read and adapted for this recording by DesDownUnder, who freely assigns all rights for the adaptation and recording to Codey’s World.

All rights reserved by Codey’s World.