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Updated 02-18-2021



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A growing collection of short stories, novels, and poems on many subjects.

Stories and Poems

Top A:   Title Author Type Blurb
A Big Red Balloon Anonymous Short Story Part of the 2007 Valentine Story Collection
Barrett finds Paul... well, let's say, an interesting guy, different than his other friends. Let's watch what develops in this Valentine story.
A Brass Monkey Colin Kelly Short Story Part of the 2011 Holiday Story Collection
Some teachers can be tough. Some can be awful. Some can be absolutely the worst. Even the day before the Christmas and New Year's break. Let's see if Mike will be able to cope with one of those “absolutely the worst” teachers.
A Breathless Story Alan Keslian Short Story A teenage guy goes to a charity bike ride in the hope of catching sight of his sports hero. The event turns out to be a lot tougher than he expected, and he struggles to cross the finishing line.
A Christmas Eve Awakening Ronyx Short Story Part of the 2006 Holiday Season Collection
Read how James finds love on a cold Christmas eve.
A Christmas Gift Richard Norway Short Story Part of the 2010 Holiday Story Collection
Mark is at the mall doing his Christmas shopping. He sees a boy and for some reason that he doesn't understand is attracted to him and follows him into a store. While pretending to pick a belt for his dad he meets the boy, Robbie, and his life is turned upside-down.
A Christmas Story Colin Kelly Short Story Will is a nice kid, you’d like him if you met him. But he has something unusual: his last name. Will is going to tell us what it’s like being William Roger Christmas Jr. And there’s something else a lot more different and a lot more important about Will than just having an unusual last name….
A Christmas Story TalonRider Flash Fiction What can you do if there isn’t enough money for Christmas? Will something good happen or will you have to punt?
A Christmas Wish Codey Novella Yes, Billy, there is a Santa Claus. He just uses another name in the off season.
A Day at the Beach Tim at Codey’s World Flash Fiction James faces challenges at the beach. Sometimes, even when you go beyond what’s expected, all you really want is the love and reassurance of the people you love the most.
A Frightening Halloween Anonymous Flash Fiction A Drabble is a story with exactly 100 words. A Double-Drabble is a story with exactly 200 words. Here we have a Double-Drabble for Halloween that we hope you’ll find double-frightening and double-fun.
A Freshman on Santa’s Lap Bestpi Flash Fiction It’s almost Christmas and there’s a trip to the mall for the 6-year-old to see Santa. The 14-year-old came along to scope out girls. Uh-huh…
A Ghost of Christmas Past Codey Short Novel It was Christmas Eve, and the day before his birthday, but Ricky was afraid to go home. Alone, abused and confused, was there no one to help him conquer his fear?
A Halloween Surprise Anonymous Short Story This story is only incidentally a Halloween story. It's much more, a story about why friendship is so important even when two friends haven't seen each other for two years.
A Hole in My Ceiling Colin Kelly Short Story When you’re target shooting you need to be balanced. Is the same thing true about a friendship?
A Hole in My Ceiling Is Leaking Colin Kelly Short Story Toby and Rafe thought they’d fixed the hole in Toby’s ceiling; but sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out all that great. This is a sequel to the story A Hole in My Ceiling.
A Letter to My Idol Ayushi Mehrotra Short Story This is a short story which is in the form of a letter written to my idol and renowned Indian-American astronaut, Dr Kalpana Chawla.
A Letter to My Little Sister Ayushi Mehrotra Short Story When her little sister turned thirteen, Ayushi wrote her a birthday letter that she’s sharing with us.
A Little Feedback Colin Kelly Flash Fiction Tom's a Bully, and he picks a target and makes their life miserable. But bullies need to realize that someday there might be some feedback.
A Little Help from Little Bro Grant Bentley Short Story Kane and Ashton are best friends. When Kane confesses his love for Ashton, will Ashton accept his love and allow himself to love Kane back?
A Love Never Meant To Be Shadow Poem  
A Modern Fantasy Cole Parker Short Story Sometimes fantasy can work in the real world — and solve two problems simultaneously.
A Mother and Her Son BlindEagle Short Story A mother and son seek a better life beyond hardship.
A New Trek Bestpi Short Story Trek has no interest in leaving his room or the house. But his mother has other ideas.
A New Year—A New Life Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2010 Holiday Story Collection
Living on the streets during a cold Canadian winter can make being hungry and alone the least of your worries.
A New Year Resolution Altimexis Short Story Trevor is under pressure from all sides for being gay and evangelical. But things heat up when his church tries to get the school to drop textbooks and the GSA.
A Night In Reality DesDownUnder Flash Fiction Boy Meets Boy. It takes longer to read these stories than it does to enact them. What's wrong with them?
A Paragraph About a Horse Colin Kelly Flash Fiction One of Andy Deats' instructors asked his class to write a paragraph describing a horse playing with an exercise ball. Andy offered it as a writing prompt on the Codey's World forum, and this is what I wrote. However, instead of one paragraph I changed it into several paragraphs so it's easier to read.
A Run to Christmas Anonymous Short Story  
A Story for Mikie Viv Short Story A little effort makes some things melt away like snow.
A Surprise Blind Date RJ Short Story Dustin, James, and Adam are about to meet Dustin’s blind date, over burgers.
A Summer Romance Cole Parker Novella When you’re young and the summer nights are warm, romance fills a young man’s dreams. All that’s needed then is someone to share the moments.
A Time When It All Went Wrong Colin Kelly Novel They say everyone has a double, a doppelganger, someone who’s their mirror image. What if you just met your double? What if you were a thirteen-year-old kid who’s gay and you just met your double?
A Totally Messed Up Halloween Colin Kelly Novel Part of the 2015 Halloween Story Collection
Jeff’s 14th birthday is on Halloween. As usual he will have a combination birthday and Halloween party. This year it’s on Saturday, October 31st, 2015. Slam dunk. Surely nothing could go wrong.
A Totally Smashing Thanksgiving Colin Kelly Novel Part of the 2010 Holiday Story Collection
David and Carson meet in a most unusual way that results in Carson breaking his arm. Then these two guys discover something else very interesting about each other. But that’s only the beginning…
A Valentine for Ryan Cole Parker Short Story A young boy works on a home-made valentine card until it’s absolutely perfect.
A Valentine’s Day Story Cole Parker Short Story It’s Valentine’s Day, and David has a crush on a boy.
But a boy can’t give a Valentine card to another boy.
Or can he?
A Very Educational Game Gee Whillickers Flash Fiction This little story was inspired by a question in the AwesomeDude forums about how you can tell if someone likes you. I decided to answer this way. Hope you like it.
A Zombie Valentine Gee Whillickers Short Story Part of the 2010 Holiday Story Collection
It's Halloween and Val has five problems. First, his nickname Val is short for Valentine. Second, Halloween sucks when you're fifteen. Third, he's going to a party stag. Fourth, he's going to the party as a Zombie. Fifth, he sees another guy in the same Zombie costume. Can anything good come of this combination?
Abducted for a Reason DesDownUnder Short Story Des tells us this (entirely fictional) tale of how he was surprised upon arriving home one day. And how this was just the first of a series of surprises.
Acrophobia RJ Short Story Gary versus the terrace, and what's below.
Adam Colin Kelly Novel Rick hears his neighbor’s cat on his front porch. But that’s not what he finds when he looks outside.
Ambush Graeme Short Story Your younger brother wants you to watch for a guy, to let him know when he shows up. It feels like you’re part of an ambush. Should you do it? Can you do it?
Against My Will Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2012-2013 Holiday Story Collection
Grady goes to a Halloween party totally against his will. As a result, his life may never be quite the same.
Alexander's New Friend Grant Bentley Short Story Outward appearances are not always as they seem.
All I Can Be DesDownUnder Poem Submitted in response to the "Oh, what the Hell! Who wants to be normal anyway?" Writer's Challenge
All I Wanted Viv Short Story Two guys find relationships and expectations are tricky, and not quite what either one expected.
Along Came a Spider Colin Kelly Short Story Starting your sophomore year in a new high school can be difficult; you don’t know anyone. It’s even more difficult if the school is small — all the kids there already know each other. But sometimes a near disaster can make a huge difference. On AwesomeDude
Ambush Graeme Short Story Your big brother wants you to watch for a guy, to let him know when he shows up. It feels like you’re part of an ambush. Should you do it? Can you do it?
Americano Colin Kelly Short Story A broken leg, a cup of coffee, a Danish, a cell phone, and a teddy bear. Seemingly unrelated, these items are interconnected for Owen and Donna in an unexpected manner.
An Acceptable Compromise Colin Kelly Short Story Sometimes using the right words causes a problem. Caution: Explicit language and graphic descriptions.
An Unexpected Christmas Cole Parker Short Story Christmas is not like Cory is expecting.
Andy’s Roommate Colin Kelly Short Story Andy is a college freshman. For the first time in his life he’s living in a dorm and he has a roommate. It’s an exciting time! There’s just one problem: Andy is gay and in the closet. How does he keep his roommate from finding out?
Annihilation Grant Bentley Short Story Winter and snowboarding at Christmas… or summer and surfing?
Anniversary Colin Kelly Flash Fiction Tom wakes up expecting Josh to be next to him as usual. But he isn't...
Another Day Alien Son Short Story It’s two years on, and there are changes in the air for Thomas and Andrew who were introduced in The Worst Day.
Another Day in Parodyse Cynus Short Story Seth is a freshman in high school. But something is missing: A friend who likes to do the same things Seth likes. A Sanitaria Springs Story
Another Summer in Georgia Cole Parker Novel When these two get together, anything can happen, and usually does.
Assumptions Steven Keiths Short Story A tale of two sisters in a small town.
Attitude Adjustment Cole Parker Novel Greg is driven to succeed on the football field. What begins for him as a simple attempt to win a starting position on the team ends up as a journey to discover who he really is.
Top B:   Title Author Type Blurb
Back to Mummy Alan Keslian Short Story Ian's boyfriend Roger breaks up with him, but then wants to get back together — but not the way Ian wants. His alternative is to move back home. What will Ian do?
Bad Boy Gone Good Colin Kelly Novel When you’re a teenager it’s easy to be led astray. What’s hard is getting out of a bad situation. Mature or distressing themes.
Bad Haircut Colin Kelly Short Story Cory is six years old and doesn't want to get a haircut, so he decides to do something about it.
Bah Hefferdog BlindEagle Short Story This is the story of a present-day Scrooge who is visited not by ghosts, but by a young boy.
Bashed Grant Bentley Short Story We think we’re the advanced ones, but bullying and hate are two human qualities that I think keep us close to the bottom of the evolutionary scale. Thankfully, the actual bottom dwellers aren’t in the majority as Julian and Quinn learn when Julian gets bashed.
Bashing a Queer Nigel Gordon Short Story Sometimes revenge is best served as a three course meal, with the option of stopping when you've had enough.
Basket-Brawl James Savik Flash Fiction Basketball isn’t a contact sport. Right?
Baxter Colin Kelly Novel Baxter has been waiting fifteen months for someone interested in fostering or adopting him. The problem? He answered ‘Yes’ to a question when he entered the foster care system.
Because That's How Friendship Works Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2012-2013 Holiday Story Collection
Gabriel suddenly found himself living on the street facing a Christmas that almost wasn’t.
Beginning Cole Parker Short Story Mark is a young boy who is forced to grow up. Will he be able to do it before he's ready?
Behind the Scenes BlindEagle Short Story This is a story about how a 10-year-old child learns about an amazing slice of nature.
Being Embarrassed Colin Kelly Flash Fiction Teenage boys embarrass easily. But what is it that causes some of them to be embarrassed so often?
Best of Friends Codey and Graeme Short Story Three friends go on a hike and find something unexpected.
Best Summer Ever Cole Parker Novel Aaron is always ready to fight. Perhaps a summer spent in a less stressful atmosphere will allow him to relax. Perhaps.
Birthday Present Colin Kelly Short Story Sometimes a birthday present goes too far; sometimes it doesn't go far enough. What kind of birthday present is Steve's sister planning to give him?
Black Dog Alien Son Novel Michael is a typical teenager living in an Australian country town. He has a loving family and cool friends, and is doing well at school. Then he suffers a major trauma. Black Dog is the story of one boy's journey inwards in the aftermath of this life-changing event. Caution: PG - This story deals with recovery from abuse and depression. We choose to face these things together, instead of hiding or running or turning away.
Black Belt Joe BlindEagle Short Novel Welcome to The world according to Joseph Silver, where dreams turns into reality and disaster into triumph!
Black Sheep Kia Novel Vic has a dark past and an uncertain future, but right now he is falling in love. Jack adores him and everything seems to be online for a dream romance… until the past starts to catch up with Vic and his love is tested to the limits. Can Jack get past his own fear and Vic's pain and bring his Black Sheep back into the fold?
Black Swans Graeme Short Story Life changes from generation to generation, sometimgs for the good, sometimes not.
Bobby’s Story Grant Bentley Short Story Remember Matty’s friend Bobby from I Love Luke Skywalker -- Yes I Do? This is Bobby’s story.
The Bold and the Brave Tiffany Cook Poem Stars travel so far before they reach our naive eyes. What have they seen before we gaze upon them?
Bonding Energy Ryan Miller Novel A skinny nerd with a crush on a hunky high school quarterback who bullies him... hey, we've read too many stories on that topic! But this story has twists and turns that are unexpected, and parts that are downright funny, and they combine to make this a different, very enjoyable, and fun read.
Borderline Insanity Gee Whillickers Short Story Some border lines are imaginary, some border lines are very real and have to be carefully protected. What kind of border lines will Stevie encounter when he sees a cute guy?
Bobby’s Story Grant Bentley Short Story Remember Matty’s friend Bobby from I Love Luke Skywalker -- Yes I Do? This is Bobby’s story.
Born Under a Bad Sign Grant Bentley Short Story Being born on Friday the 13th might seem like being born under a bad sign.
Brady and Bryce Grant Bentley Short Story Brady and Bryce, coming out, hanging out, stepping out, and making new friends.
Brandon Colin Kelly Short Story People say life is short. Sometimes maybe too short. Valentine’s Day is a time to remember and keep in touchwith those you love. This story is loosely based on actual events.
Brett and Trey's Story Grant Bentley Short Story Brett and Trey teach us a bit about what real love is after Trey comes out.
Broken Heart Words by Codey
Music & Vocals by Camy
Song ...Now you've found another and I've been left with this sad song... Listen to Audio Audio
Brothers by Choice Grant Bentley Short Story Two boys find that they have more in common than they realize and learn that sometimes personal adversity can bring people together to pursue a common goal. Mature or distressing themes. This story deals with violence and rape.
Buddy BlindEagle Short Story When your best friend and protector won’t be around after this school year, who’s going to protect you then?
Bullies Colin Kelly Short Story Mike was attacked by two bullies. Trouble is, he knows who they are.
But the Sand Was Warm Grant Bentley Short Story This is about some sweet kids, meeting each other, getting together, a bit of bullying, making friends, and the lack of sleepovers. Oh, and it mentions Christmas a couple of times.
CC:   Title Author Type Blurb
Cantaloupe Cole Parker Short Story Kids: confrontations, consternation, complications, confusion, and confabulation.
Carolyn Colin Kelly Short Story Sometimes a lot of effort seems daunting, but in the long run it'll probably turn out to be the best.
Chanukah Gift Altimexis Series Part 1 of a Series about Asher and Seth and what it’s like to celebrate the Holidays in New York City.
Catching Some Rays Colin Kelly Short Story It’s the start of another school year, and for Kevin it’s another school. But summer isn’t over, and Kevin’s planning to catch a few rays.
Child Abuse Colin Kelly Short Story Wayne has Friday off because there’s a teachers meeting at Edison High. He hears a tentative knock at the front door and thinks it’s either United Parcel Service or the mailman. It isn’t either of those.
Childhood Memories Colin Kelly Short Story Memories from when we were children can influence our lives… and those of our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Sometimes it takes a while for the message to get through….
Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla Heather Rose Brown Short Story Imagine a fast-food restaurant where we find two boys and a girl, goofing around and acting like typical teenagers. Each is as different as their chosen beverage, yet something unique has brought them together. Allow your mind’s eye to zoom in and listen as a perhaps not-so-typical scene unfolds.
Chords and Discord Andy Deats Novel After the events of Live For Me a new school is created in Riverton, and Liam Vale is sent to this new school. Will he be able to make chords of beautiful sound, or will his life, and the town of Riverton, be thrown into total discord?
Christmas and the Dollar Store Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2011 Holiday Story Collection
Always be nice to your Mom when you're forced to go Christmas shopping. You never know when it might pay off.
Christmas Break Colin Kelly Short Story Curt and Greg have been best friends since they met in grammar school and through high school, and now in college. Christmas break is coming up, and they are planning to camp out on Mt. Diablo and hike one of their favorite trails. But Mother Nature has a surprise in store for them, a surprise that will change both of their lives.
Christmas For Joshua Rick Spencer Short Story Christmas, that magical time of year where it seems anything can happen. Christmas for Joshua is a story about what happens as the result of a chance encounter between two men: one young, the other middle aged, and how, once in a great while, the system can do the right thing.
Christmas in Jasper Grant Bentley Short Story Some interesting events unfold during a family Christmas trip to the mountains. (12/18)
Christmas Shopping Grant Bentley Short Story You never know what you’ll find at the mall when you’re Christmas shopping.
Christmas Storms 1 Altimexis Novella Part 1 of a 3-Part Novella about Asher and Seth and what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in New York City.
Christmas Storms 2 Altimexis Novella Part 2 of a 3-Part Novella about Asher and Seth and what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in New York City.
Christmas Storms 3 Altimexis Novella Part 3 of a 3-Part Novella about Asher and Seth and what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in New York City.
Circumstances Cole Parker Novel Sometimes things happen that you think you’ll never be able to live down. But is that really true?
Note: Explicit language and graphic descriptions in some chapters.
Cisco & Pancho Pertinax Carrus Short Story Two guys are all set to go to college. But problems intervene and they start a website to pay the bills. Things don’t work out quite the way they expected. Now what are they going to do?
Codey’s Fables ~ All We, Like Sheep Codey Short Story If you’re going to follow a friend’s advice, be sure he’s a friend.
Codey’s Fables ~ The Nature of Bear Codey Short Story Winter gets pretty cold if you only have a blanket of conceit to warm you.
Coincidence or Fate Grant Bentley Short Story Some events in Casey’s life leave him wondering: do things simply happen by chance — coincidence — or were they meant to be fate?
Confidant Ryan Miller Short Story When you're a gay kid sometime what you need is someone to talk to — a confidant.
Conundrum Grant Bentley Short Story Out of fear of being disowned by their evangelical parents, four boys choose to live a lie. What will the consequences be when they finally can’t take it anymore and decide to come out?
Conversion — Yeah, Uh Huh Grant Bentley Short Story When you’re one of the fortunate … conversion therapy? Yeah, uh huh.
Cottonwood Creek Park Cole Parker Short Story Cade’s 9th grade English class had a visitor from the local newspaper. He wanted the kids to write a story about a local park. It wasn’t required, so no big deal. Cade decided to blow it off. Then he changed his mind.
Courage Cole Parker Short Story Two young strangers have shut themselves off from the world. Can a change of focus help them?
Cowboy and the Geezer Corey Audio Interpretation Audio interpretation narrated by Corey. Music mix and production by Tim at CW, Codey’s partner. Poem by Codey.
Creative Writing Cole Parker Short Story Some college classes push students’ personal boundaries. Some push them past their comfort zones. Welcome to college!
Curt Colin Kelly Short Story Sometimes, brothers are the best of friends. Sometimes, not.
Top D:   Title Author Type Blurb
Dare to Dream Graeme Short Story Sometimes it’s good to be rescued from something mundane, no matter how important it might be.
Dark Chocolate Colin Kelly Short Story Denise loves dark chocolate, and sometimes she saves the foil wrappers. Will she save Ted's?
Day of Green Fire Tiffany Cook Short Story Marcasite wants to find peace from herself in a world where magic is life. The battle to that serenity is hard, and many personal demons must be faced as well as overcome.
Days of Silence Viv Short Story He hadn’t talked to Lucas in four years. What could make him overcome his fear, now? But Lucas wasn’t talking back either.
Dearly Beloved Camy Short Story A tale of six characters. Some are in love, and some aren't. One is a prefect and another is an utter bastard.
Death Takes a Vacation Colin Kelly Short Story Everyone needs a vacation — even a Minion of Death.
Death’s Shadow Ayushi Mehrotra Flash Fiction A spooky horror story that will leave you wondering what happened.
Definitions DesDownUnder Short Story When the sun shines, rainbows may be seen.
DeMarcus Cullman and the Powers that Be Cole Parker Short Story The statue of Lady Justice wears a blindfold to show that justice will be dispensed objectively, without fear or favor. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to accomplish that goal.
Derek Colin Kelly Short Story Sometimes a series of seemingly unrelated events can be connected in ways you’d never expect, each depending on the prior event in order for everything to happen, to turn out perfectly, almost like it had been preplanned.
Dermot Pertinax Carrus Novel A completed novel about a teen's abuse and recovery by a new author. Mature or distressing themes regarding violence and risky teen sexual behavior. This story deals with issues that are, unfortunately, true to life for some teens who leave home. In keeping with our policy of not running from real life issues, we are linking to this story on Awesome Dude with this advisory.
Dermot II Pertinax Carrus Novel A continuation of the story of a teen's abuse and recovery in this complete novel hosted on Awesome Dude.
Derrick-Jake-Nick Cole Parker Novel Nothing’s been easy for Derrick. Even now with a big change occurring, nothing is certain.
Desperate Doomed Horror Ayushi Mehrotra Flash Fiction A horror story that could have been a dream, or a hallucination... or maybe something else.
Dig Deep, Fight Hard Eli Kan Poem This poem was written right after I had talked to a friend and convinced myself to ask a guy out. I hope it shows the hardships of asking someone out, and putting yourself out there.
Diminutive Grant Bentley Short Story Size doesn’t matter, and just to prove it, this is Donovan’s story.
Directionally Challenged Grant Bentley Short Story Sandy discovers there’s more to being directionally challenged than not knowing left from right.
Doing Something Cole Parker Novel A sixteen year old boy faces major life changes, ones he hates, and there isn’t anything he can do about them but make the best of it.
Don’t You Hate It When That Happens Trab Short Story Shakespeare speaks, but what we hear may differ.
Doors of Love DesDownUnder Series Two blokes fumble through life and love, bemusing the neighbors.
Downpour Hylas Short Story Tim is moving away and this may be Scott’s last chance to tell him he loves him. How would he do that when for the last three years he had acted like a jerk to all of his friends, trying to deny what he was really feeling inside for Tim?
Dragon Quest ColumbusGuy Short Story This story is written as a tribute to Skinnydragon, a writer who was taken from us far too soon.
Drawing Me Out Cole Parker Short Story Sometimes there’s more to see than what’s there.
Dreamed You Were Me Heather Rose Brown Short Story In our dreams, almost anything can happen. For Josh and Tiff, a shared dream has some unsettling consequences in the ‘real’ world.
Dreams Can Come True Grant Bentley Short Story However bad things may seem at any given moment, they aren’t worth dying for. Things do get better and dreams do come true.
Dust Cole Parker Novel A seedy office, a hard-nosed gumshoe and a missing ring. Where this would lead was not where anyone could have expected.
Top E:   Title Author Type Blurb
8th Grade Cole Parker Novel Sometimes the kids don’t like a teacher. Sometimes a teacher doesn’t like the kids. That could be. . . awkward.
Encumberment Andy Deats Short Story Sacrifice isn't always what it seems. When Jack and Don go through a rough patch in their relationship, what are they willing to sacrifice to make each other happy? Mature or distressing themes regarding suicide. This story deals with issues that are, unfortunately, true to life for some teens. In keeping with our policy of not running from real life issues, we are hosting Encumberment with this advisory.
English 10 Cole Parker Short Story Mark has to write a short story. A 3,500 word short story. He’s on the JV water polo team, so he writes about that. But in doing so, he has an agenda.
Entirely Too Soon Trab Short Story You can never be too careful…or can you?
Escaping Katrina Colin Kelly Novella Cody Williams was living with his Granny in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck and devastated the city, disrupting his life. This is the story of how he escaped Katrina, how he was helped by a stranger, and how he found a new family, a new friend, and a new relationship.
Every Canadian Boy's Dream Grant Bentley Short Story This is one side of an online conversation between two boys, one a Canadian and one not. The question has been asked, "What does a 'normal' Canadian boy dream of?"
Everything a Boy Could Want DesDownUnder Short Story Daryl discovers things are not what he thought.
Exposure Cole Parker Short Story Being different from your peers can be a nightmare for a teenager.
Top F:  Title Author Type Blurb
Family Matters Colin Kelly Short Story When Kyle Parker returns home from school one afternoon, he finds a strange boy sitting on his doorstep. He takes him into his home and quickly becomes intrigued by his mysterious visitor. Who is he? What does he want? Kyle is determined to get some answers, but is he ready to hear what the boy has to say?
Family Outing Merkin Short Story It’s always fun to go on a Sunday ride with your family. Especially when you’re a teenage boy and your older sister is sitting in the back seat next to you. Right?
F.A.S.T. Lugnutz Short Story Take two guys. One who can drive like no one else, and the other someone who can find anything no matter how hard it may be to find and build it. Will it be paradise, or will it be trouble?
Fifteenth Birthday Colin Kelly Short Story Darin and Wayne share birth dates, and now they're going to be fifteen. But there's something more important about this date. It's the tenth anniversary of when they met.
An AwesomeDude 10th Anniversary Story
Finding Home Codey Short Story Two new friends discover they have something in common.
Finding Leo Grant Bentley Short Story When Liam loses his life-long best friend, his nineteen year old dachshund, Simon, he goes in search of a new best friend and finds more than just Leo.
First Date, and Last Trab Short Story She liked him a lot. That first-ever date can be a little awkward.
First Day Blues Colin Kelly Novella Kevin has a problem. Actually, he has two problems. One he knows about; the other he doesn’t know about. Yet.
First Visit to a New World Paul and Paco Short Story It always helps if there's a friend to hold your hand when you're doing something for the first time. Especially if it's something scary.
Fistfights With Flashlights EleCivil Short Story A first-hand account of the impact of fundamentalism on an impressionable mind.
Fixing A Broken Heart RJ Novel Zack is heartbroken when his best friend comes out to him. What will happen now, to their friendship? How will Zack’s family react?
Flash Fiction by Bestpi Bestpi Flash Fiction Collection A collection of short-short stories, flash fiction.
Flash Fiction by Colin Kelly Colin Kelly Flash Fiction Collection Observations on life, moments in life, and a little love along the way in this collection of short short stories.
Flash Fiction by DesDownUnder DesDownUnder Flash Fiction Collection A quick dash, from pen to stage or screen, with these short-short stories.
Flash Fiction by Jeremiah Maxwell Jeremiah Maxwell Flash Fiction Collection A collection of short-short stories, flash fiction.
Flash Fiction by Richard Norway Richard Norway Flash Fiction Collection An expanding collection of short-short stories, flash fiction.
Flash Fiction by Trab Trab Flash Fiction Collection Short short stories on lots of subjects.
Found Out Graeme Short Story  
Forgetting Can Be a Big Mistake Colin Kelly Novel Curt's life takes a turn that he never expected, and he realizes that it's because he forgot something that didn't seem important at the time. He also discovers that others have forgotten things that are important and that turns out to both help him and hurt him.
Forth of July from Colin Kelly Flash Fiction A few interesting facts about the Fourth of July that you might not know.
Four Nights in St. Bartholomew Ruwen Rouhs Novella Stories are often based on real events, but the names of the characters are fiction. As opposed to those, “Four Nights in St. Bartholomew” uses names of characters and places that can be Googled and their real fate can be tracked down, while the events are pure fiction.
Freefall Codey Novel They say the truth will set you free. What they don’t say is that it can also throw you into freefall.
Freshman Dorm Colin Kelly Short Story You’ve graduated from high school (finally!) and now you’re going to college. Everything is different, including sharing a dorm room with a stranger.
From the Heart Codey Novel Tony and Jeremy are best friends. Their other friends discover how deep a best friendship can be when Tony is faced with what, for him, is the only right decsion.
From the Mind of a Child Grant Bentley Flash Fiction Life can look completely different from two perspectives.
Top G:  Title Author Type Blurb
Gender Express Heather Rose Brown Short Story In the future, changing your gender will be as easy as getting a tattoo or some interesting body piercings. Of course, it'll still be just as hard convincing your parents to let you do it as it would any other creative body modifications.
Geoff's Senior Year Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2012-2013 Holiday Story Collection
Geoff changes schools in the hope of changing his life. Will a simple act of kindness by one of his new classmates help him do just that?
Gift Exchange Cole Parker Short Story Some middle-school friends are getting ready for Christmas. Question is, what should they get each other?
Goals Tiffany Cook Poem Everyone has expectations and goals; a hidden agenda. Some are visible, others are not.
God Made Me This Way Grant Bentley Short Story Church is so confusing for Zack. His new pastor preaches nothing but hate and condemnation, but no matter how carefully he reads his Bible, he can’t find where it says God hates him. Will things change when circumstances lead him to a new church?
Gone Missing Colin Kelly Short Story Sometimes mothers can be overprotective. What happens when that collides with what their children want? Mature or distressing themes and strong language.
Good Boys Never Lie Colin Kelly Short Story Tommy learns that lying has consequences, especially lying to his mother. But has he really learned his lesson?
Good Morning Beautiful Tiffany Cook Poem The best part of the morning... waking up to your love.
Graeme’s Short Stories Graeme Short Story Collection A large collection of short stories on many subjects.
Grandfather’s Conspiracy Cole Parker Short Story A celebration in the city park is an opportunity for Derrick and his grandfather to get together on a whole new level.
Grayson House Grant Bentley Short Story Warren is convinced he is unlovable after being severely burned and disfigured.
Top H:   Title Author Type Blurb
Halloween Bash Colin Kelly Short Story Part of the 2011 Holiday Story Collection
Darryl is watching a water polo match. Jason sits next to him and says water polo is the best sport for scoping out the really hot guys. Now Darryl is… confused.
Halloween Cards Colin Kelly Short Story Norm hated exchanging Halloween cards in middle school. But one Halloween someone gave him a card with a special message, and then things got very… interesting.
Halloween Outing Colin Kelly Short Story Walt is stuck at home on Halloween answering the door every time a trick-or-treater rings the doorbell. When Carl arrives Walt thinks he's just another trick or treater. But maybe he isn't.
Halloween Payback Colin Kelly Short Story What was thought to be a Halloween prank turns out to be a homophobic slur. Will Darryl be able to prove who did it?
Halloween Prank Grant Bentley Short Story A shocking Halloween prank has unexpected results. Part of the 2009 Fall and Winter Holiday Collection.
Halloween Prank II Grant Bentley Short Story Steve’s wish comes true and he gets two big brothers who prove two men can love each other as deeply as it’s humanly possible. This is a sequel to the story Halloween Prank.
Halloween Rescue Colin Kelly Short Story Paul is at the mall fighting the holiday crowds. But he isn’t there for holiday shopping; he has something more important to buy. Then something happens that becomes even more important, and might even put Paul in danger.
Heart of the Tree Graeme Novel The Tree is dying. To save The Tree, the young people of the town need to find the Heart of The Tree, but who is it?
Helping a Friend Colin Kelly Novella Sometimes the best gift you can give — and receive — is when you help a friend.
Helping My Sister Colin Kelly Flash Fiction Chris is surprised when his sister Anne calls him wanting help with a new cellphone. They live over 400 miles apart. Will Chris be able to help her?
Heron Island Rick Beck Short Story Thoughtfulness: Growing up takes time and work. Once grown, you are entitled to the good stuff and you get to decide what's good for you.
Hidden Angel BlindEagle Novel This is the story of a boy, who through no fault of his own, was used and abused, just because of his innocence.
High School Hero Cole Parker Novel High school is part wonderful, part wrenching for most everyone. Along the way, for the lucky ones, personal growth occurs.
Homeless Graeme Short Story Part of the 2006 Holiday Story Collection
Peter is supposed to be watching his baby sister, but playing a video game and arguing about whose turn it is with his little brother is more important... until a terrible accident happens that changes Peter's life.
Homeless for Christmas Grant Bentley Short Story There are few things worse than being homeless, especially during our northern winters.Will Joey learn that being homeless for Christmas is one of them?
Homosexual William King Short Story A young boy discovers who he is.
Honky-Tonk Richard Norway Flash Fiction  
Ho Ho Ho Cole Parker Short Story Part of the 2012-2013 Holiday Story Collection
Christmas is known as a season of giving. But sometimes giving can be the wrong thing to do.
Hosanna Jamie of Icaria Short Story  
How Do You Know If He Likes You? Camy Flash Fiction Sometimes it pays to push your luck.
How The Mighty Have Fallen Codey Non-Fiction Short Story Ben says this story needs a blurb, even though it’s non-fiction, so consider this the blurb!
Hoxton William King Short Story Kevin has been texting with someone he met online. Now they’ve arranged to meet in person. How will that turn out? Mature themes and strong language. This story deals with what teens sometimes do. In keeping with our policy of not running from real life issues, we are hosting Hoxton with this advisory.
Top I:   Title Author Type Blurb
I Am Here BlindEagle Short Story “If you took a grain of sand and made it equal to a thousand years, then counted all the sand grains of the earth then I would know just how old I am.”
I Can't Tell You Colin Kelly Short Story Brandon Heath has a problem. When his mother asks him what’s wrong, he says “I can’t tell you.” She isn’t about to take that for an answer. Can he keep his problem private, especially on Halloween? Included in the 2013 Halloween Story Challenge on AwesomeDude
I Expect Gray Hair Any Day Now Tim at Codey's World Flash Fiction True to Life Flash Non-Fiction by Tim at Codey's World. Having kids can be so exciting!
I Gotta Go Colin Kelly Short Story David is starting the ninth grade at College Park High. What he doesn’t understand is how he got stuck in a class with a teacher who has the worst reputation in the school.
I Just Can't Richard Norway Flash Fiction When high school life is filled with so much uncertainty, it seems impossible to know your future.
I Just Love Thanksgiving, Don’t You? Grant Bentley Short Story The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving have been a time of searching and dicovery for Jody. Will he find what he’s looking for in time to feel thankful and enjoy Thanksgiving?
I Love Luke Skywalker — Yes, I Do Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2011 Holiday Story Collection
Sometimes, when handing out treats to the little trick-or-treaters, the Force is with you.
I Never Really Was One Grant Bentley Short Story Lynn discovers that sometimes the heart, mind, and the body aren't always in sync.
I Once Was Lost Grant Bentley Short Story Jacob’s evangelical parents have decided he’s to be the ‘Chosen One’ to save America. Then Terry comes along.
I Remember Tiffany Cook Short Story Adulthood is never long enough to remember the joys of childhood. A prose piece of memories past.
If Wishes Could Come True Trab Short Story Valentine’s Day is often a day of hope and love, but it can come from unexpected places.
I'm Gonna Love Cwmsiencyn Grant Bentley Short Story Cai, a Welsh exchange student, enjoys all the sights and new things to explore during his stay in Canada.
“If You Can Play, You Can Play” Grant Bentley Short Story A Christmas story that has nothing to do with Christmas? Well okay, it does mention Christmas and Blake’s big hockey tournament will happen during Christmas break.
I'm Sticking Around for a While Colin Kelly Novel You suddenly realize that you're in a hospital room looking at a patient... you need to find out why he's here. And then why you're here. Mature or distressing themes. This story deals with violence and rape.
In a World of Fools RJ Novel  
Inner Escape
(Innere Flucht)
Tiffany Cook Poem When going into the unknown, opening the door is the hardest part.
Inspiration Cole Parker Short Story A boy has a nightmarish problem.
Isn't It Fabulous? Grant Bently Short Story There’s no closet in the boys’ locker room.
It Can't Gie Better Than Thes Grant Bently Short Story Do you believe in love at first sight? Miles and Rhys didn’t.
It’s All In The Eyes DesDownUnder Flash Fiction  
It’s What ‘Real’ Men Do, You Know Grant Bentley Short Story Jake, a lonely young man bitter and hardened by the anger and hate that surrounded him growing up, meets Chance, a lonely young man isolated for no other reason than he was seen to be different. Can they offer each other the one thing they both need? Love.
It Will All Work Out Eventually Cayden Mathews Novel Making friends can be a lot harder than it looks. Especially when you have a disease that makes you act a little out of the ordinary. Follow the life of Luke Rivers as he learns to deal with his ADHD.
Top J:  Title Author Type Blurb
Jamal and the Three Challenges Ronyx Short Story Jamal faces three challenges on his journey to something remarkable. Part of the 2009 Fall and Winter Holiday Story Collection.
Jason’s Notebook Cole Parker Short Story How does a high school freshman who feels insignificant and invisible respond to life in his new school?
Jay & Miles Out West ColumbusGuy Short Story This story is an offshoot of the novel Jay & Miles. You can read this first — no spoilers — but the novel covers everything since they met and up to this point.
Jay’s Special Gift ColumbusGuy Short Story Jerry is supposed to be watching his little brother Jay. They ride their bikes to the park and Jay takes a header, crashing his bike and breaking his arm. Oops!
Jay’s Worst Week Ever Colin Kelly Short Story A series of events gives Jay a reputation that he didn’t deserve. Will he be able to recover?
Jimmy Grant Bentley Short Story Jimmy loses his mom to a drug overdose and sets out to look for the dad he’s never met. What are his chances of finding him?
Jimmy’s New Life Grant Bentley Short Story Remember Jimmy? After his mother dies of an overdose, Jeff finds him walking down a highway during a blizzard and takes him in. Well, finally, we get a glance at Jimmy‘s new life, his new life with his new dad. A life without constant fear and hurt.
If you haven’t read my story Jimmy yet, or if it was a while ago, I would suggest you check it out before reading this one.
JJ and ‘The Boys’ Camy Short Story John Palmer is in love, but only comes to terms with it when JJ goes missing.
JJ for Short I Grant Bentley Short Story / Novella Can one simple act of kindness change your life?
JJ for Short II Grant Bentley Short Story / Novella Apparently you can find your soulmate at a service station. Yes you can.
JJ for Short III Grant Bentley Short Story / Novella Life at university has a few ups and downs, and then the best up possible.
Joseph’s Cat Pedro Short Story Joseph befriends a black cat — or does the cat befriend Joseph?
Josh Grant Bentley Short Story Josh is hit by a drunk driver and he thinks the life he once loved is over.
Josh, Evolving Cole Parker Novel What happens when two lonely boys meet in a shopping mall food court?
Note: Explicit language and graphic descriptions in some chapters.
Just Say It Viv Short Story There are hopes, awkwardness, and unsurety in an online relationship. But can a friendship or love be for real, if they tell the truth?
Justin Carver Colin Kelly Novella Justin is accused of doing something he says he didn't do. Will he be cleared, or will he be found guilty?
Justin Case Colin Kelly Short Story It’s interesting how some people name their kid without really considering how the name they pick might be a problem for the kid.
Justice Graeme Short Story  
Top K:   Title Author Type Blurb
Kalli and the Young Blacksmith Ruwen Rouhs Short Story Three ghostly tales in a larger story. Part of the 2009 Fall and Winter Holiday Story Collection.
Kill the Indian — Save the Child Grant Bentley Novella Canadian officials decided they needed to solve their “Indian problem.” To solve said problem, they felt Askuwheteau and more than 150 000 other native kids needed to lose their “heathen” culture and be assimilated into Canada’s “more acceptable” European culture. This is Askuwheteau’s story. His life before, during, and after being forced to attend Our Lady of Peace Indian Residential School.
Kodak Tiffany Cook Poem A poem of soul mates.
Krystal Harrod200 Novel  
Kwaidan Colin Kelly Three Short Stories I enjoy Japanese ghost stories and movies. Perhaps the most famous of these are the short stories in the collection Kwaidan by Lafcadio Hearn. I picked three of these ghost stories for my final project in a digital art class I took in the summer of 2008.
Kyle Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2015 Halloween Story Collection
Not all summer camps are fun, but Halloween is.
Top L:   Title Author Type Blurb
La Malaguena Pedro Short Story Stephen didn’t expect to receive anything on Valentine’s Day.
Laika EleCivil Novel When you find yourself surrounded by those with strong wills, is it possible to maintain control of your own life, or do you simply fall into the role that they see fit for you? Does it make a difference? A story about feeling out of place and out of control.
Leaves and Lunatics EleCivil Novel What happens when the truth is hidden? When the past is seen as something to escape? When a person is sheltered from a harsh reality, they are robbed of the opportunity to face it. A story about friends, family, and communication.
Les Jardins de la Mendoubia William King Short Story Two different worlds, a moment in time.
Lesson Plans Cole Parker Novella 13-year-old Neil Swenson has lived a life of restriction, sadness and denial. Now, he's moved to Mississippi and is hoping things change.
Letters From Shakespeare Ronyx Short Story Read what happens when a gay boy receives anonymous messages at school signed by Shakespeare. Could another male classmate have a secret crush on him?
Leviathan Rusts EleCivil Novel A new novel by an old friend, EleCivil.
Leviticus Pertinax Carrus Short Story A Talk about Leviticus and being selective about what you read.
Liam Grant Bentley Short Story How do you go from trying to survive on the wintery streets of a Canadian city to Aberystwyth University, School of Art in Wales?
Life Can Be Lonely Colin Kelly Novel What is it like when those closest to you are not there any longer?
Life of Troy Brian Stoll Short Story This was the first chapter of a novel by Brian Stoll that he wasn't able to complete, and that we repurposed as a coming of age short story.
Lifebonded Lukas ’n Taylor Ashke Novel This is a true love story between two Australian teens. All the characters are real but most names and locations have been changed. The only real names that remain are the two principles: Taylor and Lukas.
Lightning in a Jar Cole Parker Novel David’s at loose ends this summer and likes it that way, hoping to goof off until school starts in the fall. With his mom pushing, it doesn’t work out that way, however.
Listen to Me BlindEagle Short Story Sometimes the rescued and the rescuer both come out winners.
Little Brother Teddy S. Bower Flash Fiction Austin and his younger brother, Dougie, don’t see eye to eye on much, especially on how life is intended to be lived. What will happen between them when Austin faces up to the most difficult challenge of his young life? His expectations are low. His choices are limited. Things can only get worse, but will they?
Live for Me Andy Deats Novella The first of the Riverton Rebels stories takes place in the small town of Riverton, Alabama, and tells the story of seventeen-year-old Gerald as he deals with the death of his long-time boyfriend and the challenges that come with it.
London Bridge is Down William King Flash Fiction A dramatic world event plays out in the early hours of one cold grey morning in London.
Lonely Holiday Azyclar Short Story Derek is unhappy about his life, his work and his missing social life. Antony is his only friend at work, and had previously set up a date for Derek with his friend Janet. That didn’t work out so well — can Antony find someone else for Derek?
Looking Back Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2011 Holiday Story Collection
Shawn can’t accept that he’s gay, but he can’t escape that reality as long as Shelby Morrison is around. How does he react to Shelby’s presence at school everyday? And, what does he do when Shelby’s suddenly not there?
Lou’s Harborside Anonymous Short Story  
Love is Love Grant Bentley Short Story Brynn spent considerable effort building his very own personal closet. But all of a sudden, he found the door wouldn’t stay closed.
Love is Silent Grant Bentley Short Story Michael’s world is silent. Can he find love in a silent world?
Top M:   Title Author Type Blurb
Mahal Kita Grant Bentley Short Story Bayani fears he has fallen in love with the impossible dream.
Mamihlapinatapai Pedro Short Story A tale from a strange and far off place, which has oftimes been mistook for some hidden dale in the high Pennines of Yorkshire.
Marshall Grant Bentley Short Story Marshall had been Skylar’s good friend, but all of a sudden that changed. Skylar doesn’t understand why his former friend bullies him now.
Mating Flight of the Eagles Christian Martin Short Story The Mile-High Club: Choose your own partner.
Me ’n Riley Cole Parker Novel A small Southern town. Two young boys looking for things to do, a summertime of freedom spread in front of them, adventures calling.
Memories Grant Bentley Short Story Remember the early 1950’s? Well, I do — at least a few years that were spent in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it’s fun to sit back and think about “the good old days.”
Memory ColumbusGuy Flash Fiction My Fondest Memory.
Megan Tiffany Cook Short Story A non-fiction piece containing a lesson I learned during a trival event that changed my life.
Milo Talo Segura Novel One summer at their house in the South of France is much like all those previous summers. Except this year is different. Milo turns sixteen, and when his father employs Estevo, to fix things up, attractions and revelations mix with family problems, and a long held secret.
Milo will no longer be able to retreat and hide in the imagined worlds of literature. He will be tested and played with by his cousins and this new arrival. Exactly what is going on between these two families risks erupting into a thunderous climax and a deluge of emotions as heavy as any summer storm!
Mom…Dad…I’m Gay Grant Bentley Flash Fiction Sometimes your parents can surprise you, and sometimes you wish they hadn’t.
Morgan Territory Road Colin Kelly Flash Fiction Jeff asks Dennis to go with him to a campus visit at College of the Pacific. Afterwards Jeff is excited and ready to apply, and Dennis is happy for his friend. It's what happens on their way home that’s going to change their lives.
Mr Patterson Cole Parker Short Story A man takes a walk in the park, one he’s taken many time before, and his life changes forever . . .
My Incredible Summer Cole Parker Short Story A soft, dark night, a walk with his twin, and everything changes.
My Night Out Cole Parker Short Story What’s a boy to do when the night is warm and he’s feeling frisky?
Top N:   Title Author Type Blurb
Naptown Tales Altimexis Short Story Collection They found more than friendship over a thunderstorm. Then they found they had better friends. Then they found they could all make a difference.
Natural Betrayal Tiffany Cook Short Story Legend-style short story explaining the silence between humans and the rest of the Animal Kingdom.
Never Say Never Grant Bentley Flash Fiction Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan, and like Kent, we need to learn to never say never.
Newbie Colin Kelly Short Story It’s Tyler’s first day at Eastgate High School as a sophomore. One problem is that it’s April, and the school year will be over in a little more than a month. Another problem is this is the third high school for Tyler since his first day as a freshman. Will he be able to cope with yet another new bunch of students?
New Brother Graeme Novel When Adam moves in with David and his family, David finds his life turned upside down. He finds himself isolated as everyone else sides with Adam.
New Course Codey Short (True?) Story What, did he actually say that? Read all about it! Are you up for it? Be sure to listen!  With audio.
New Story Graeme Short Story Trent is writing a new gay love story; his boyfriend complains that he always writes one of the characters as a nerd.
New Year’s Resolutions Altimexis Short Story Asher, Seth, Kyle, and Freck talk about having a New Year’s Eve party in New York City.
Nick William King Short Story A puppy, a meal, and a boy.
Nickels and Dimes Cole Parker Short Story Can people change for the better? Can they grow after reaching their teen years, and beyond? Is it harder for a teenager or an adult?
Nicotine Andy Deats Poem Sometimes a relationship becomes controlling, and you're not the one in control.
Nightmare Colin Kelly Short Story What happens when things start going wrong with a marriage? Arguments? Silence? Nightmares?
No Fixed Address Grant Bentley Short Story Sean’s life changes after he defends another student from a group of bullies.
No More Tears Grant Bentley Short Story Keon assumes he’ll be disowned by everyone that matters to him if they find out he’s gay; but then again, no one has ever said he was all that bright.
No More Loneliness Alien Son Short Story Alex was born profoundly deaf. His childhood was spent in a silent world with few friends. His father retires and the family moves to a lighthouse near a small country town. The first day of the summer holidays brings a new friend... and a new life for Alex.
No Problemo Colin Kelly Short Story Darryl is in foster care. Sean thinks that he's being abused, but needs help to find out if that's true — and to find out what can be done about it.
Noah Harrod200 Novel  
Nonsense Lugnutz Flash Fiction The setting is the garage, where else? Jake and Jeremy are throwing ideas around so they can get the car ready for the next season. They are sitting looking at the car pondering what the next move will be. Jake opens his laptop, pushes a few buttons then things go into the Twilight zone.
Normal Ronyx Short Story A couple of gay teens have an advocate for their relationship.
Northern Lights Gee Whillickers Short Story Part of the 2010 Holiday Story Collection
Morgan's birthday is on New Years Day. He thinks this mostly sucks and that's more-or-less like his life. Then he's more-or-less forced into going to a New Years Eve party and things start to change.
Not All Angels Have Wings Steve Temke Short Story Part of the 2015 Halloween Story Collection
Not all monsters have fangs, and not all angels have wings.
Notes Cole Parker Short Story Jeremy has a crush on Xander, so staring at him is a bad idea. Especially when he gets caught.
Not Far From the Tree Grant Bentley Short Story Sometimes, it seems, when you decide it’s time to come out to family there can be a bit more involved than you anticipated.
Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Grant Bentley Short Story No one, especially kids and teens, should be homeless at Christmas.
Top O:   Title Author Type Blurb
Obligation To Myself Nick James Short Story Trevor Reeves, the most popular student at Ocean Lakes High School, stops a bully in his tracks. In the process, he learns about the value of every human being.
Odds-On Favourite Graeme Short Story A day at the Melbourne Cup, and some oddly better names.
Oliver Richard Norway Short Story What happens to you when you're forced to face your fears? What happens to you when that person forcing you to face your fears is yourself?
Included in the AwesomeDude 2012 'Coming Out' Short Story Challenge
Olli & Kalli:
O+K is Okay!
Ruwen Rouhs Short Story Part of the 2012-2013 Holiday Story Collection
This story tells about the growing friendship between Olli, a fifth grader just starting in the middle school, and Kalli, a ninth grader, who unexpectedly becomes the big brother he always wanted to be.
Once Hylas Short Story What do you do when the love of your life finds the love of his life? Letting go is not that easy when you're letting go of the last of your dreams with him.
Once upon a Forgotten Christmas Bestpi Short Story A Boy searches for warmth on a Christmas Eve and finds much more.

Colin Kelly’s One… Series Stories
One Warm Coat Colin Kelly Short Story Sometimes your life can be improved by something as simple as one warm coat.
One Best Friend Colin Kelly Short Story Life can become so much better when you find one best friend. This is a sequel to the story One Warm Coat.
One Perfect Boyfriend Colin Kelly Short Story You know it takes a while for a guy to find a boyfriend. Then when you do, will he be the one perfect boyfriend you’ve been looking for? This is a sequel to the story One Best Friend.
One Complicated New Year Colin Kelly Short Story Mike and Jeremy are discovering that some people already know that they are boyfriends. Jeremy never thought his life would become so complicated! This is a sequel to the story One Perfect Boyfriend.
One Sexy New Neighbor Colin Kelly Short Story One night Mike and Jeremy see Mike’s new neighbor — and what they see amazes both of them. This is a sequel to the story One Complicated New Year.
One Cute New Neighbor Colin Kelly Short Story Now Jeremy has a new neighbor a few houses down the street. He finds that he and Lyle have a lot in common. This is a sequel to the story One Sexy New Neighbor.
One Adversary Colin Kelly Short Story It’s almost always good to have a plan. But what do you do if something happens and you don’t have a plan? This is a sequel to the story One Cute New Neighbor.
One Questionable Outcome Colin Kelly Short Story Sometimes you think everything’s been taken care of. Sometimes you realize they haven’t been taken care of. Sometimes you don’t know which is which. This is a sequel to the story One Adversary.
One Satisfactory Outcome Colin Kelly Short Story When things finally start going right, there’s always a nagging feeling that there’s something missing. This is a sequel to the story One Questionable Outcome.
One Confusing Phone Call Colin Kelly Short Story A very strange phone call confuses Jeremy and leaves him wondering what’s going on. This is a sequel to the story One Satisfactory Outcome.
One Acceptable Outcome Colin Kelly Short Story Everything seems to be improving for Jeremy. But is it real or just a silly fairytale? This is a sequel to the story One Confusing Phone Call
One Life Changed Colin Kelly Short Story Jeremy's life is changing. It leaves him with a question: Are all of these changes good?  This is a sequel to the story One Acceptable Outcome and the last story in the series.

One Summer in Georgia Cole Parker Novel He was on his way home, a leisurely trip driving back roads in rural Georgia. A sudden encounter with a young teen interrupted his trip. He’d just completed a job, and the last thing he needed was a passenger. Especially a kid as a passenger.
One Two Three We're Out Colin Kelly Short Story Mike is a freshman at Edison High. He's being pressured by his friends and his family to go to the Homecoming Dance. That's fine except he will have to ask a girl to be his date. Included in the AwesomeDude 2012 'Coming Out' Short Story Challenge
Opportunity Cost Ryan Miller Novel “It's been six months since the night that Brian Fleishman came to my door dripping wet and bleeding. I have never forgotten that night, nor that entire weekend for that matter. But what happened then couldn't hold a candle to what was about to happen next.”
Option To Live RJ Short Story Kaizer is just another street kid, hustling to get by, and unsure if he has a future. Caution: PG-17 - Mature or distressing themes regarding risky teen sexual behavior. This story deals with issues that are, unfortunately, true to life for some teens who leave home. In keeping with our policy of not running from real life issues, we are hosting this story but with this advisory.
Our First Thanksgiving Colin Kelly Short Story Part of the 2012-2013 Holiday Story Collection
Getting ready to host your first Thanksgiving dinner for your family can be complicated. For Ryan and Shawn it’s going to be even more complicated.
Top P:  Title Author Type Blurb
Palm Sunday Magic Ruwen Rouhs Short Story This is a story of a student and a young farmer in a village at a time people still used carriages to go from one place to the other. Cars and planes had yet to be invented. The problems in the story are still relevant today.
Paris Colin Kelly Short Story You find yourself in a different city, a different country. You find everything here is different, perhaps even a bit surrealistic. Yet, you fit right in.
Payback Merkin Short Story Mike has strong convictions about what should and should not be given to trick-or-treaters. This is a story about one kid who liked what Mike gave him.
Playing Santa Cole Parker Short Story When you're sixteen years old you might think your dad is cheap. But is he, really?
Poetry by Alien Son Alien Son Poetry Collection These poems cover the ups and downs of life, including joy, gloom, and questions.
Poetry by Ayushi Mehrotra Ayushi Mehrotra Poems Quiet, thoughful poems that reach out and make us think.
Poetry by Bestpi Bestpi Poetry Collection A growing collection of poetry.
Poetry by Billy IAmWhoIAm Billy IAmWhoIAm Poetry Collection A growing collection of poetry on many subjects.
Poetry by BlindEagle BlindEagle Poetry Collection A large collection of poetry by a young poet.
Poetry by Camy Camy Poetry Collection A collection of poetry on many subjects.
Poetry by Christian Martin Christian Martin Poetry Collection Poems in English and French. | Des poèmes en anglais et français.
Poetry by Codey Codey Poetry Collection Unicorns, geezers, little kids and closed doors…get a clue by reading Codey’s poetry.
Poetry by Colin Kelly Colin Kelly Poetry Collection Poems from other vantage points.
Poetry by DesDownUnder DesDownUnder Poetry Collection A collection of poetry on many subjects.
Poetry by EleCivil EleCivil Poetry Collection A large collection of poetry from slightly off-center.
Poetry by Ellie Kan Ellie Kan Poetry Collection Poems that are accessible and have meaning for both teens and adults, and that will stay with you long after they have been read.
Poetry by Lukas ’n Taylor Ashke Lukas ’n Taylor Ashke Poetry Collection A collection of poetry on many subjects.
Poetry by Merkin Merkin Poetry Collection Poetry on many subjects, including School Suite, a serial poem.
Poetry by Mike Norby Mike Norby Poetry Collection Poetry on many subjects.
Poetry by Mikie Mikie Poetry Collection A collection of poetry, signs of life and love overcoming the changes life brings.
Poetry by Richard Norway Richard Norway Poem  
Poetry by RJ RJ Poetry Collection There’s room to grow, here.
Poetry by Ronyx Ronyx Poetry Collection The start of a collection of poems.
Poetry by Shadow Shadow Poem  
Poetry by Tiffany Cook Tiffany Cook Poetry Collection An large and diverse collection of poetry.
Poetry by Trab Trab Poetry Collection An occasional collection of poetry.
Poetry by Zachary Level Mustaine Zachary Level Mustaine Poetry Collection A poet notes more than yesterday’s dinner.
Point of No Return Ryan Miller Novel  
Popularity Graeme Short Story What do you do when your best friend tells everyone that you told him that you wished he was dead — and you absolutely did not say that?
Prom Night Merkin Short Story Part of the 2011 First Date Challenge
It's the prom, and Blake is going to introduce his date to his family.
Puppy Love Cole Parker Novel A boy and his dog: what could be more natural? For Kerry, nothing seems to be easy, and a dog is just another complication.
Top Q:   Title Author Type Blurb
Queer Bent Bastard Grant Bentley Short Story Telling your best friend you’re gay is never easy. Sometimes, the response can bring about a totally unexpected chain of events.
Queer Bent Bastard — The Sequel Grant Bentley Short Story Assuming nothing happens without a reason, when Chad finds out why Jason turned on him, will he still invoke the best-friend forgiveness clause?
Top R:   Title Author Type Blurb
Ragnarok Ryan Miller and EleCivil Novel  
Rated R Tiffany Cook Poem Collecting fear is a hobby. Like collecting pens.
Reaching Out Grant Bentley Novel Often, something as simple as reaching out to help one person in need can, and does, change lives.
Reality Dreaming William King Short Story “If we get to choose, I can only hope I’m as lucky the next time around.”
Remembrances Codey Non-Fiction Short Story A drawn from life segment for AwesomeDude.
Ren Cole Parker Novel Escaping one problem only to find others, a boy can find unexpected courage when pushed to his limits.
Reorientation Colin Kelly Novel Jason announces to his family that he’s gay. His sisters and his father tell him that it doesn’t make any difference, they love him regardless of whether he’s gay or straight or whatever. But what about his mother? Can she come to accept that her son is gay?
Reparation Colin Kelly Novel Tom Harris is injured in a high school football game and ends up in the hospital. Tanner Knox says he’ll make sure Tom receives reparation for what happened.
Repugnance Colin Kelly Short Story Commuting lets us encounter many different people. Some of them you'd rather not encounter. For example, a person who looks like they are homeless.
Rescue Colin Kelly Short Story When Mark set out on his Thanksgiving week backpacking trip, little did he know that it would not turn out anything like what he expected.
Revived Ayushi Mehrotra Flash Fiction A new doctor. A new heart. A successful operation. And then another new patient. Will that operation also succeed?
Robert’s Day Camy Short Story Robert decides he’s had enough, and then Eddie finds out … but is true love enough to save the day?
Room & Board Grant Bentley Short Story Jerry appears to be homophobic with a passion…but is he? You think we’ll know by Valentine Day?
Roommates Colin Kelly Flash Fiction First impressions can be dangerous things when they're wrong, but with some people those misperceptions can be quickly corrected...
Rusty Cole Parker Short Story Horses are pretty smart. Paul learns just how smart, and what a good a friend they can be.
Top S:   Title Author Type Blurb
Saulius Pedro Short Story Saulius’ arrival is a source of excitement in a quiet English village. It wasn’t what he intended.
School Suite Merkin Serial Poem An ongoing poem about the rigors of education.
Scripted Tiffany Cook Poem When your act becomes your life, can it go back?
Searching for Him Grant Bentley Short Story When you’re searching for that special him and your ‘gaydar’ doesn’t work worth sh** — well, you just never know.
Secrets Graeme Short Story Lies and secrets tend to compound one upon another, further complicating an already complicated situation.
Selection Criteria Graeme Short Story Ensuring the psychological stability of the crew for the first manned interstellar mission is a big responsibility.
Semantics Cole Parker Short Story When it’s wartime, tensions run high and hair trigger reactions can be expected.
Shocked Yenian Flash Fiction Who is more shocked, Kevin or Nick, and what do they do about it?
Short Stories by BlindEagle BlindEagle Short Story Collection A growing collection of short stories.
Short Stories by Colin Kelly Colin Kelly Short Story Collection A large and growing collection of short stories.
Short Stories by Graeme Graeme Short Story Collection A large collection of short stories.
Short Stories by Grant Bentley Grant Bentley Short Story Collection A collection of short stories.
Sing Me A Song Papa BlindEagle Short Story Fathers and sons share a special song. Each generation adds something new.
Sinterklaas Trab Short Story A careless statement, and your whole holiday is in jeopardy, not to mention your family.
Small Town Boy Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2012-2013 Holiday Story Collection
Can a lonely gay boy, growing up in a tiny rural village, expect a Valentines Day worth remembering?
So Prove It Colin Kelly Flash Fiction A girl decides to prove she’s better than a boy.
Solitary Night Ryan Miller Short Story An obsession with playing solitaire on the computer helps when sleep and dreams and black nothingness won't come to shut out sad memories.
Sole Mates ColumbusGuy Short Story A trip to buy some clothes for school results in a very different kind of trip for Tor.
Sometimes Grant Bentley Short Story When Nolan's parents find out he's gay, they can't accept it. His younger sister thinks it's great. Will she be able to help bring about a reconciliation?
Sophomore Year Grant Bentley Novel Steven's sophomore year in high school turns out to be anything but typical.
Sort of a Goat Story Colin Kelly Short Story Sometimes you're just a teen. Sometimes you act more like a goat. Find out why that happened to Joel.
Speechless William King Short Story A library brings together two boys, reveals some secrets, and leaves them speechless.
Spinning Glass Tiffany Cook Poem A description of the majesty of a spider's web.
Spuke Camy Short Story A Master Vampire and his familiar — but who is who? Then Bob arrives, and Niki has to make some swift decisions to stop his beloved looking like an idiot.
Stand By Me Grant Bentley Short Story Some things in life defy explanation.
Stand Up Heather Rose Brown Short Story In this dark vision of a future world, individuality is considered a serious anti-social disorder. One person has decided to stand up from the crowd. This is the story of her trial and her pleas to the humanity behind blind, staring masks.
Starting Point Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2011 First Date Challenge
Charles is a genius with seriously overprotective parents and an absolute zero social life. Then he meets Andrew.
Stop a Bully Grant Bentley Short Story Stop a bully. It’s not as hard as you might think.
Stop Lane Colin Kelly Short Story Moving to a new town and going to a new high school is always tough; running into the school’s most notorious bully your first morning is especially unfortunate.
Summer of My Fourteenth Year Grant Bentley Short Story Sandy is thirteen years old so it's his fourteenth summer…new friends, new adventures, and the start of a new life…a life free from what had become daily fear and abuse.
Summer Smiles Cynus Short Story Nick has been watching a boy in his class, a boy who always looked so sad. Until one day when their teacher reminded the class that it would soon be summer vacation.
Swing Tiffany Cook Poem When life gives you lemons, don't whine. You knew it was coming. That's what life does.
Sympathetic Eyes Grant Bentley Short Story Lonnie has accepted being bullied as a regular part of life. That is until he meets Jeremy.
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Tales of Three Worlds ColumbusGuy Novel A science fiction story told in a series of interrelated fragments.
Talk to Me Grant Bentley Short Story Sometimes all we need is someone to say, “Talk to me.”
Tears of the Dragon Boy Bestpi Novel A boy is changed by his world's storm, increasingly becoming dragon-like. When he and his brother are outlawed and his parents are killed, can he face down the people accusing them, to win justice, or will he give in to the urges of his inner dragon?
Tennis, Anyone? Cole Parker Short Story Two boys from different backgrounds, a hot day, and a tough match.
Terminus William King Short Story Love, denial, pain, and forgiveness in the end. A More Boys on a Train story.
Terry and Sam Sean E. and Ruwen Rouhs Short Story  
Thanksgiving Dinner, Part 1 Altimexis Novella Part 1 of a 3-Part Novella about Asher and Seth and what it’s like to celebrate Thanksgiving in New York City.
Thanksgiving Dinner, Part 2 Altimexis Novella Part 2 of a 3-Part Novella about Asher and Seth and what it’s like to celebrate Thanksgiving in New York City.
Thanksgiving Dinner, Part 3 Altimexis Novella Part 3 of a 3-Part Novella about Asher and Seth and what it’s like to celebrate Thanksgiving in New York City.
Thanksgiving — A Time to Give Thanks? Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2010 Holiday Story Collection
Adam feels he has little to be thankful for on Thanksgiving and wonders if he has the strength to go on. Then someone comes along…
That First Kiss Bestpi Flash Fiction The first one? The very first one? Oh ya, I remember, all too well.
The Barlow Boy James Savik Short Story Some religions, and some of their practitioners, interpret the Bible using strictures that call out for introspection.
The Barn Cole Parker Short Story New town.  New life.  Opportunities afresh.  Only thing is, you’re still you.
The Best Memories of Their Lives DesDownUnder Short Story Their memories were best on an unclouded day.
The Beach Bruin Fisher Short Story Statistically, a major cause of death among young men and youths is suicide. That’s a damning indictment on society today.
The Best of Intentions Grant Bentley Flash Fiction If you are looking for a happy Christmas story, this isn’t it. We usually think of Christmas as a happy time: a tree surrounded by presents, happy children, a feast with everyone sitting around the table, a time when we enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, Christmas might not always be that way. Those stories also need to be told.
The Big Splash Cole Parker Short Story When you're young and unhappy and powerless to change things, what do you do? What if you have to change things and no one will listen?
The Bird, The Cat, and The Worm BlindEagle Short Story In a wayward garden dwelled a bird, a cat, and a worm. Read what happens next in this little fairy tale by BlindEagle...
The Boy with the Rubik’s Cube Pedro Short Story Is he as fascinating as he finds his puzzle?
A Boys on Trains story
The Busboy Cole Parker Short Story Jim wants to rescue a kid in trouble. He has no idea what comes next.
The Button Colin Kelly Short Story Sometimes unbuttoning a button turns out to be very hard.
The Card Camy Short Story When Christopher Smythe gets a Valentine card his determination to find out who sent it turns his world upside down … and then!
The Change BlindEagle Short Story Have you ever thought to yourself what it would be like to be someone else for a change? Ethan is about to experience major changes in his life that will take him beyond his wildest dreams.
The Christmas Letter Nick James Short Story An 11-year-old boy discovers something about Christmas that he hoped wasn't true.
The Chronicles of Kadin Rick Spencer Novel The Chronicles of Kadin has elves, dwarves, dragons, orcs, goblins, and yes, humans too. Read on to discover the adventures of a young elvin prince, a prophecy, the enduring power of good versus evil, and love over hate.
The Confessional DesDownUnder Flash Fiction Two choirboys try a new duet.
The Conscience RJ Short Story Ron made a hard decision, and is having a little trouble living with it. He confides in Eric.
The Curious Republic of Gondour

by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens); Originally published in 1870/1871

Short Story

When in Gondour, do as the Gondourese.
Found online by Samwho17 (Public Domain)
The Dance Cole Parker Short Story The school formal is always nervous time for young boys, especially the first one. Rejection is always a fear. What if…
The Delirium of Negation Bi Janus Short Story Death is sometimes just a function of the mind.
The Dreamcatcher Colin Kelly Short Story Medical Science does not have cures for everything. Sometimes the solution can be found in a tradition based on a different kind of medicine.
The Dying Game Colin Kelly Short Story Laura’s having a sleepover with her friend Marti, and like usual they’re playing a game: The Dying Game. Each of them tells a story about someone dying, and the scarier the better. But on this night things get a lot scarier than these two girls ever imagined.
The Education and Evolution of Maxwell Grant Cole Parker Short Story Time to buy Max’s first suit. Who could guess how that would turn out?
The Enemy Tiffany Cook Poem

Tiffany tells us: This is an open format poem I wrote in high school that I consider one of my best works. It speaks of an enemy, and has an emotional background for me — at the time I was new in my recovery from self injury and was trying to isolate the addiction through my writing so that I could deal with it better.
audio  Listen to Tiffany Cook reading The Enemy.

The Friendship Ring Ronyx Short Story A Valentine’s Day Short Story. A heartwarming story with an interesting twist involving love and friendship.
The Gay Prank DesDownUnder Short Story An April Fools’ Day farce for two families trying too hard to help their sons to come out.
The Ghost in the Machine Colin Kelly Short Story Don is a computer science major at U.C. Berkeley and is working as a summer intern at Olintex Corporation. He's asked to help solve a strange problem with one of the network computers. Will he discover what's wrong, or could it be that there is a ghost in the machine?
The Green Guardian Bruin Fisher Short Story The job of a superhero is more than just flying around looking gorgeous and rescuing the occasional old lady — you have to make a stand against injustice too. Graham learns that lesson.
The Heart Doesn’t Come with Instructions Grant Bentley Short Story If Mark was to be his class valedictorian the crowd might find it a little more interesting than they expected.
The House Cole Parker Short Story Parents always tell their kids that Halloween isn't a contest to see who will get the most candy. Their kids always ignore them. But sometimes that can cause problems.
The Hunger Codey Short Story Everyone says global warming will lead to global hunger. How right they are! With Listen to Audio audio.
The Journey John Smith Short Story The Journey — what a long, strange trip it has been. Caution: This story is about a subject that is important though it contains mature themes.
The King’s Race Cole Parker Short Story Anton wants to run the race of his life, wanting to be special for a certain someone.
The Knight’s Cowboy’s Tale of 33 Words Paul Short Story This is... something truly unusual. Paul has taken a list of 33 words provided by Corey and written a truly strange tale — using all of those words — that's inventive and hilarious. Read on; you'll enjoy.
The Legend Of Kiwakaazi Nanak Novel Books One, Two, Three, and Four of this exciting combination of African folklore, mythology, fantasy, and adventure. The story revolves around a nineteen year old intelligent young scientist, Kiwakaazi, in ancient Africa. In Book Three we have to ask: How is thin, weak and naive Kiwakaazi going to survive in Nomposuro? The epic and yet very spiritual journey of Kiwakaazi and other related stories have been captured in this story. Enjoy!
The Littlest Angel Paul and Paco Short Story

Part of the 2012-2013 Holiday Story Collection
Do nightmares ever come true? That's what Benny wants to happen to his nightmares, and he begs his brother Antoine to help him.


The Mask Lugnutz Short Story What Jeremy wanted was a winning costume, and his mom had the best idea. A costume his dad had worn.
The Middle of Nowhere Grant Bentley Short Story Can we find love… even in the middle of nowhere?
The Middle of Nowhere — Still Grant Bentley Short Story And yes, we found love… even in the middle of nowhere.
The Millrace Camy Short Story Sid is obsessed with Jack, but Jack wants nothing to do with him - he likes Davey. When disaster strikes Sid sees a way to get rid of Davey forever.
The Mirror and Nothing More C.B. Abraham Novel When a student begins talking to his mirror, a cliché shatters.
The Murder of Rick West Pertinax Carrus Short Story What happens when an innocent and sheltered young man picks up a bit of male pornography? Unexpected lives are touched and old assumptions challenged. Worlds change, and not always for the good. Caution: Mature or distressing themes regarding violence.
The Navigator Cynus Novel Sometimes building a wall around yourself doesn't do what you want, no matter how hard to try to maintain a facade of self-sufficiency.
The Neighborhood Colin Kelly Short Story She's elderly and is insular, seldom venturing from her home. Her husband would like her to take walks with him, but she resists. Walking would be good for her, she knows. What would it be like if she took that first step? With Listen to Audio audio.
The Opera Colin Kelly Short Story Part of the 2011 Holiday Story Collection
Leslie's first exposure to opera is when she hears Ash singing an aria. She becomes obsessed with the aria, and when she decides to find out which opera it's from the task turns out to be both simple and complicated...
The Policeman's Birthday Cake DesDownUnder Short Story Terry baked the best birthday cake ever. Just one little touch to the pink frosting needed to be added and it would be perfect. Would it be good enough to help him achieve his objective?
The Price of Friendship Graeme Novel Rick has just moved in to a new neighborhood in a new city. Will he be able to leave his problems behind?
The Problem Gee Whillickers Short Story Curt finds that recovery requires family and friends.
The Ride Home RJ Short Story Carl fears his feelings for Matt, and may lose Matt’s friendship.
The Right to Remain Silent Cole Parker Short Story Sometimes a boy just has to do what he has to do.
The Rubber Game Colin Kelly Short Story Rubber Game: [noun] The tiebreaker in the last of a tied series of games; sometimes used in other types of contests and debates
Mature theme and language. This story deals with a subject that can be an important issue for teens and their parents.
The Search for Pandora Graeme Short Story A human and an alien attempt to rescue the human's sister from a slaver spaceship. Things are complicated, but they become even more so when... okay, just go and read this story to find out what happens next.
The Spelling Bee Gee Whillickers Flash Fiction Sometimes a spelling bee word will turn out to be particularly meaningful to some contestants and members of the audience.
The Spider Richard Norway Flash Fiction Terry thinks that the only things he can control are the small things. Can Chris convince him that he can control the big things as well?
The Stafford Pharmacy Pertinax Carrus Short Story Ed and his father weren't speaking to each other. Then things became more complicated and much worse for Ed.
The Swedish Effect Elektrisk Novella During adolescence, life swears its hatred for you. Consequently, you are sent on many emotional roller coasters. Is there anything you can do about it?
The Tale of Snow White Colin Kelly Short Story We all are, or should be, familiar with the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In our tale you will learn the story that is rumored to have influenced the Brothers Grimm to take pen to paper. Is it true? That will be for you to decide. But remember, this IS a fairy tale!
The Tree House Steven Keiths Flash Fiction When we say goodbye to one part of life, another part begins.
The Void William King Short Story A man is talking to someone — or is he?
The Walk Home Ellie Kan Short Story When you’re girl who’s shy it’s hard to talk to a boy. Could an email message work instead?
The Wall Richard Norway Flash Fiction Brick by brick….
The World According to Truth and Trust BlindEagle Short Story When you’re 18 you still have a lot of growing up to do. And along the way you might even have a bit of a run-in with someone.
The Worst Day Alien Son Short Story It started out as Thomas's worst day ever. Then a stranger brought startling news.
The Worst Day was written to celebrate AwesomeDude's tenth anniversary.
The Yellowjacket Nest Colin Kelly Short Story A budding writer has just two problems that she needs to solve. A story to write. And when to start.
The Zombies' Halloween Des Downunder Short Story Eddy brought home their Halloween costumes and a movie to watch — but no candy.
There Be Dragons Camy Short Story Sebastian is secretly in love with his best friend Richard, though he's hung up about his sexuality and knows Richard likes girls. Now he's convinced that his mother knows he's gay, and he's unsure how to get Equella out of his cave.
There’s Always a But Grant Bentley Short Story Sometimes you come across a but … not a butt … but a but, because however you may have been conditioned to think, more often than not, there’s always a but.
This Is Seth C.B. Abraham Novel What does the journal of a gay teen have to say about his life?
Time Stood Still Trab Short Story A short, sharp tale on the state of bee-ing.
Timmy’s Santa Trab Short Story It was just another workday, until they found the bear in the mail.
Tipping Crows Colin Kelly Short Story One of Tom’s chores irritates him. It’s what crows that fly over his yard do. He gets a clever idea — he will find a way to keep the crows away. His mom thinks it’s a good idea. Doing it turns out to be complicated.
To Thine Own Self Be True Pee Jay Short Story Sometimes you find exactly who you’ve been looking for. But will he be interested?
Tomahawk Mountain Jeremiah Maxwell Flash Fiction Tomahawk Mountain didn’t really exist anywhere, it was just a made up place shared between two best friends.
Tommy Grant Bentley Short Story Tommy is a sweet, sensitive, vulnerable young man, wanting to be loved and hustling to get by. Will meeting someone from his past save him and give him that love?
Torn in Two Graeme Short Story  
Trek or Treat Altimexis Short Story A Halloween story about two teenage boys who live in a high-rise building in New York City and discover they have a lot of things in common.
Trials and Tribulations of Being 13 Cole Parker Short Story It isn’t easy being 13 and lacking confidence. Somehow, the strong survive. But, again, it isn’t easy.
Trick or Treat? Graeme Short Story Peter has everything planned for the Halloween party, everything controlled by computer: music, lights, everything. But things don't go exactly as he'd planned.
Trick or Treat? Lugnutz Short Story When you get to a certain age, you'll remember Halloweens past and think about Holloweens present and future.
Twll dyn Grant Bentley Short Story When we feel like we can’t take it anymore and we just want out, remember, every seemingly unlivable time in our lives is temporary, and we need to stick around, because we never know what excellent things are waiting for us.
Two Boys on a Train Colin Kelly Short Story Two boys on a train. Another passenger wonders what they’re up to. A More Boys on a Train story.
Two Friends Colin Kelly Novella How many kids meet and become best friends that first day and remain best friends — and more — through the present day, ten years later?
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Uncle Silver Wolf’s Forest Lore Christian Martin Short Story Collection Silver Wolf is a werewolf, and now he is babysitting the children of the Clan Short Compound. He is busy telling them stories about the forest, nature, and supernatural things, mimicking every character as he spins his tale, to the enjoyment of the kids.
Understanding Fear Richard Norway Short Story Do you remember what it was like to finally confront a fear so debilitating that it was washing away your life? Ask Kevin. He did.
Unexpected Halloween Treat Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2010 Holiday Story Collection
Halloween, a time to confront scary ghosts and goblins, or something even scarier?
Unexpected Halloween Treat Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2010 Holiday Story Collection
Halloween, a time to confront scary ghosts and goblins, or something even scarier?
Until HE Showed Up Grant Bentley Short Story Chad is terrified of coming out and has created a safe, closeted little world for himself. When his new friend, Josh, is publicly outed, how will it affect that safe little world?
Until HE Showed Up Part 2 Grant Bentley Short Story A naïve young man becomes trapped in a life of prostitution and drugs. His only escape is his imagination and his one and only daydream. Will a very desperate and unusual job interview allow that dream to come true?
Until HE Showed Up Part 3 Grant Bentley Short Story This story is from Brice’s point of view as we watch Brice’s vision become Brice and Kevin’s vision.
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Volunteered Grant Bentley Short Story Jackson experiences a rather interesting year.
Vincent van Gogh Tiffany Cook Short Story Artists and their paintings can provide inspiration and direction. I wanted to share how this is a main point of interest for me personally.
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We’re Working On It Richard Norway Novel Cory and Richard’s lives were in ruin but something amazing happened to them. They met.
What Am I Worried About? Richard Norway Flash Fiction We hide the fact that we care: we always have. We don’t want anyone to know how soft we are on the inside because that’s not the image that we want to portend. We’re even afraid… to talk about it.
What About Max? Brody Novel Struggling through the aftermath of an attack on her brother, Meghan sets out on a search for the truth. Along the way, she explores what Max's life was really like, and how he affected the people around him.
What are the Odds? Grant Bentley Short Story Matt learns a lot about his family after his father throws him out.
What I Wanted For Christmas Grant Bentley Short Story Theo seems to have it all; the life dreams are made of. He can have almost anything money can buy. So what is the one thing he wants for Christmas? Part of the 2009 Fall and Winter Holiday Story Collection.
What If Grant Bentley Short Story

One never knows where the ‘used to be best friend’ who’s picking you up for a Halloween get-together may lead.

What Would Hating You Get Me? Grant Bentley Short Story You can hate—you can forgive. It's your choice. Only one of them has a cost.
With a Whimper James Savik Short Story Journal entry of James Savik, dated June 4, 2028.
What's Christmas Without a Little Drama? Grant Bentley Short Story Jamie brings home a Christmas surprise, creating a little drama in the process.
What's in a Name? Pertinax Carrus Short Story When you’re with some friends and you don’t have anything better to do, start a discussion about where everyone’s first names come from.
This story is based on the characters in the novel Bryce and Damon IV on AwesomeDude. (02/14)
When It All Falls Apart Grant Bentley Short Story Life can be like a jigsaw puzzle… one minute all the pieces are nicely in place and the next they’re scattered all over the floor.
When Love isn't Enough Grant Bentley Short Story Sometimes, the power of love just isn’t enough to overcome the power of hate.Mature or distressing themes. This story deals with issues that are, unfortunately, true to life for some teens. In keeping with our policy of not running from real life issues, we are hosting When love isn't Enough with this advisory.
When Santa Claus
Was Real
Codey Poem A newly found poem by Codey.
When the Cat's Away Graeme Short Story Scott and Darren both learn that making promises can be a big mistake — and spoiling their plans isn't the worst thing that can happen.
When You Least Expect It Grant Bentley Short Story Not sure if it’s human nature or learned behaviour, but we too often expect the worst.
This story is written from a Christian perspective.
Where the Heart Is RJ Short Story Adam hadn’t been home in three years, and now he’s at the door.
Why Parents Drink Anonymous Flash Fiction Some parents drink because it’s sociable. Some do it for more pressing reasons.
Why Snowflakes Aren’t Afraid To Fall Heather Rose Brown Short Story What would make something as beautiful and fragile as a snowflake brave enough to come hurtling down to the hard, cruel earth? The answer might surprise you.
Winging It Pee Jay Short Story You’re lonely and need something to take your mind off of that fact. How about learning to fly?
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Xavier's Thanksgiving Grant Bentley Short Story Part of the 2011 Holiday Story Collection
It often just takes just one to stand up for and support a bullied student to bring about change.
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You Never Know Grant Bentley Short Story Who was that? You never know who you’ll meet where.
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