A Time When It All Went Wrong story link They say everyone has a double, a doppelganger, someone who‘s their mirror image. What if you just met your double? What if you were a thirteen-year-old kid who‘s gay and you just met your double?
A Totally Smashing Thanksgiving story link David and Carson meet in a most unusual way that results in Carson breaking his arm. Then these two guys discover something else very interesting about each other. But that‘s only the beginning...
Adam story link Rick hears his neighbor’s cat on his front porch. But that’s not what he finds when he looks outside.
Along Came a Spider story link Starting your sophomore year in a new high school can be difficult; you don’t know anyone. It’s even more difficult if the school is small — all the kids there already know each other. But sometimes a near disaster can make a huge difference.
Bad Boy Gone Good link When you‘re a teenager it‘s easy to be led astray.
What‘s hard is getting out of a bad situation.
Mature or distressing themes.

Baxter story link Baxter has been waiting fifteen months for someone interested in fostering or adopting him. The problem? He answered ‘Yes’ to a question when he entered the foster care system.
Escaping Katrina story link Cody Williams was living with his Granny in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck and disrupted his life. This is the story of how he escaped Katrina, how he was helped by a stranger, and how he found a new family, a new friend, and a new relationship.
First Day Blues story link Kevin has a problem. Actually, he has two problems. One he knows about; the other he doesn’t know about. Yet.

Forgetting Can Be a Big Mistake story link Curt‘s life takes a turn that he never expected, and he forgot something that didn‘t seem important. Others have forgotten things that are important that will both help and hurt him.

Mature or distressing themes. This story deals with abuse.
Helping a Friend story link Sometimes the best gift you can give — and receive — is when you help a friend.

Loe seda lugu eesti keeles aadressil siin  Read in Estonian

I'm Sticking Around for a While story link You suddenly realize that you‘re in a hospital room looking at a patient… you need to find out why he‘s here. And then why you‘re here.

Mature or distressing themes dealing with violence and rape.
Justin Carver story link

Justin is accused of doing something he says he didn‘t do.
Will he be cleared, or will he be found guilty?

Loe seda lugu eesti keeles aadressil siin  Read in Estonian

Life Can Be Lonely story link

What is it like when those closest to you are not there any longer?

Reorientation link Jason announces to his family that he’s gay. His sisters and his father tell him that it doesn’t make any difference, they love him no matter if he’s gay or straight or whatever. But what about his mother? Can she accept that her son is gay?
Reparation story link Tom Harris is injured in a high school football game and ends up in the hospital. Tanner Knox says he’ll make sure Tom receives reparation for what happened.
Two Friends link How many kids meet and become best friends that first day
and remain best friends — and more — through the present day, ten years later?

Short Stories
A Brass Monkey link Some teachers can be tough. Some can be awful. Some can be absolutely the worst. Even the day before the Christmas and New Year‘s break. Let‘s see if Mike will be able to cope with one of those “absolutely the worst” teachers.
A Christmas Story link Will is a nice kid; you‘d like him if you met him. But he has something unusual: his last name. Will is going to tell us what it‘s like being William Roger Christmas Jr. And there‘s something else a lot more different and a lot more important about Will than just having an unusual last name…
A Creepy Clown Halloween link Here’s a Halloween story about two brothers
who encounter some creepy clowns Halloween night.
Mature or distressing themes.
Included in the AwesomeDude 2016 Halloween Story Challenge
A Hole in My Ceiling story link When you’re target shooting you need to be balanced. Is the same thing true about a friendship?
A Hole in My Ceiling Is Leaking story link Toby and Rafe thought they’d fixed the hole in Toby’s ceiling;
but sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out all that great.
This is a sequel to the story A Hole in My Ceiling
Americano story link Jeff’s 14th birthday is on Halloween. As usual he will have a combination birthday and Halloween party. This year it’s on Saturday, October 31st, 2015
Slam dunk. Surely nothing could go wrong.
Included in the AwesomeDude 2015 Halloween Story Challenge
Americano story link A broken leg, a cup of coffee, a Danish, a cell phone, and a teddy bear. Seemingly unrelated, these items are interconnected for Owen and Donna in an unexpected manner.
An Acceptable Compromise story link Sometimes using the right words causes a problem.

Caution: Explicit language and graphic descriptions.

Andy's Roommate link Andy is a college freshman. For the first time in his life he‘s living in a dorm and he has a roommate. It‘s an exciting time!
There‘s just one problem: Andy is gay and in the closet.
How does he keep his roommate from finding out?

Bad Haircut story link

Cory is six years old and doesn‘t want to get a haircut,
so he decides to do something about it.

Loe seda lugu eesti keeles aadressil siin   Read in Estonian

Birthday Present story link Sometimes a birthday present goes too far;
sometimes it doesn‘t go far enough.
What kind of birthday present is Steve‘s sister
planning to give him?
Brandon story link People say life is short. Sometimes maybe too short. Valentine’s Day is a time to remember and keep in touch. This story is loosely based on actual events.
Bullies story link Mike was attacked by two bullies.
Trouble is, he knows who they are.
Carolyn story link Sometimes a lot of effort seems daunting, but in the long run it‘ll probably turn out to be the best.
Catching Some Rays story link It‘s the start of another school year, and for Kevin it‘s another school. But summer isn‘t over, and Kevin‘s planning to catch a few rays.
Included in the Codey‘s World Summer Vacation
and Back to School collection.
Child Abuse story link Wayne has Friday off because there’s a teachers meeting at Edison High. He hears a tentative knock at the front door and thinks it’s either United Parcel Service or the mailman.
It isn’t either of those.
Childhood Memories story link Memories from when we were children can influence our lives… and those of our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Sometimes it takes a while for the message to get through…
Christmas Break story link Curt and Greg have been best friends since grammar school and they‘re now in college. Christmas break is coming up, and they are planning to camp out on Mt. Diablo and hike one of their favorite trails. But Mother Nature has a surprise in store for them, a surprise that will change both of their lives.
Christmas Memories link Sometimes all you‘ll have at Christmas will be memories.
Will they be enough?
Mature or distressing themes.

Dark Chocolate story link Denise loves dark chocolate, and sometimes she saves the foil wrappers. Will she save Ted‘s?
Death Takes a Vacation story link Everyone needs a vacation — even a Minion of Death
Derek story link Sometimes a series of seemingly unrelated events can be connected in ways you’d never expect, each depending on the prior event in order for everything to happen,
to turn out perfectly, almost like it had been preplanned.

Family Matters story link Kyle Parker returns home from school one afternoon and finds a strange boy sitting on his doorstep. He takes him into his home and quickly becomes intrigued by his mysterious visitor. Who is he? What does he want? Kyle is determined to get some answers, but is he ready to hear what the boy has to say?
Fifteenth Birthday story link Damon and Wayne share birth dates, and now they‘re going to be fifteen. But there‘s something more important about this date. It‘s the tenth anniversary of when they met.
An AwesomeDude 10th Anniversary Story
Freshman Dorm story link You’ve graduated from high school (finally!) and now you’re going to college. Everything is different, including sharing a dorm room with a stranger.
Gone Missing story link Sometimes mothers can be overprotective. What happens when that collides with what their children want?
Mature or distressing themes and strong language.
Good Boys Never Lie story link Tommy learns that lying has consequences, especially lying to his mother. But has he really learned his lesson?
Halloween Bash story link Darryl is watching a water polo match. Jason sits next to him and says water polo is the best sport for scoping out the really hot guys. Now Darryl is… confused.
Halloween Cards story link Norm hated exchanging Halloween cards in elementary school. But one Halloween someone gave him a card with a special message, and then things got very… interesting.
Included in the 2014 Halloween Story Collection
on Codey’s World

Halloween Outing story link Walt is stuck at home on Halloween answering the door every time a trick-or-treater rings the doorbell. When Carl arrives Walt thinks he‘s just another trick or treater. But maybe he isn‘t.
Halloween Payback story link What was thought to be a Halloween prank
turns out to be a homophobic slur.
Will Darryl be able to find out who did it?
Halloween Rescue story link Paul is at the mall fighting the holiday crowds. But he isn’t there for holiday shopping; he has something more important to buy. Then something happens that becomes even more important, and might even put Paul in danger.
I Can't Tell You story link Brandon Heath has a problem. When his mother asks him what’s wrong, he says “I can’t tell you.” She isn’t about to take that for an answer. Can he keep his problem private, especially on Halloween?
Included in the AwesomeDude 2013 Halloween Story Challenge
I Gotta Go story link David is starting the ninth grade at College Park High.
What he doesn’t understand is how he got stuck in a class with a teacher who has the worst reputation in the school.
Jay's Worst Week Ever story link A series of events gives Jay a reputation that he didn’t deserve. Will he be able to recover?
Justin Case story link It’s interesting how some people name their kid without really considering how the name they pick might be a problem for the kid.
Kwaidan story link I enjoy Japanese ghost stories and movies. Perhaps the most famous of these are the short stories in the collection Kwaidan by Lafcadio Hearn. I picked three of these ghost stories for my final project in a digital art class I took in the summer of 2008.
Li'l Ben story link Li‘l Ben is Mama Sue’s last cub; raising him is a challenge.
Can she keep him safe?
Newbie story link It’s Tyler’s first day at Eastgate High School as a sophomore. One problem is that it’s April, and the school year will be over in a little more than a month. Another problem is this is the third high school for Tyler since his first day as a freshman. Will he be able to cope with yet another new bunch of students?
Nightmare story link What happens when things start going wrong with a marriage? Arguments? Silence? Nightmares?
No Problemo story link Darryl is in foster care. Sean thinks that he‘s being abused, but needs help to find out if that‘s true — and to find out what can be done about it.
One Two Three We're Out story link Mike is a freshman at Edison High. He’s being pressured by his friends and his family to go to the Homecoming Dance. That’s fine except he will have to ask a girl to be his date.

Part of the 2012 Coming Out Story Challenge on AwesomeDude

~~~  The One… Series Stories  ~~~

One Two Three We're Out story link Sometimes your life can be improved by something as simple as
one warm coat.
One Best Friend story link Life can become so much better when you find one best friend.
This is a sequel to the story One Warm Coat on Codey’s World.
One Perfect Boyfriend story link You know it takes a while for a guy to find a boyfriend. Then when you do, will he be the one perfect boyfriend you’ve been looking for?
This is a sequel to the story One Best Friend on Codey’s World.
One Complicated New Year story link Mike and Jeremy are discovering that
some people already know that they are boyfriends.
Jeremy never thought his life would become so complicated!
This is a sequel to the story One Perfect Boyfriend on Codey’s World.
One Sexy New Neighbor story link One night Mike and Jeremy see Mike’s new neighbor —
and what they see amazes both of them.
This is a sequel to the story One Complicated New Year.
One Sexy New Neighbor story link Now Jeremy has a new neighbor a few houses down the street.
He finds that he and Lyle have a lot in common.
This is a sequel to the story One Sexy New Neighbor.
One Adversary story link It’s almost always good to have a plan.
But what do you do if something happens
and you don’t have a plan?
This is a sequel to the story One Cute New Neighbor.
One Questionable Outcome story link Sometimes you think everything’s been taken care of.
Sometimes you realize they haven’t been taken care of.
Sometimes you don’t know which is which.
This is a sequel to the story One Adversary.
One Satisfactory Outcome story link When things finally start going right, there’s always
a nagging feeling that there’s something missing.
This is a sequel to the story One Questionable Outcome.

One Confusing Phone Call link A very strange phone call confuses Jeremy
and leaves him wondering what’s going on.
This is a sequel to the story One Satisfactory Outcome.
One Acceptable Outcome link Everything seems to be improving for Jeremy.
But is it real or just a silly fairytale?
This is a sequel to the story One Confusing Phone Call.
One Life Changed story link Jeremy‘s life is changing. It leaves him with a question:
Are all of these changes good?
This is a sequel to the story One Acceptable Outcome
and is the last story in the series.

~~~  ~~~

Our First Thanksgiving story link Getting ready to host your first Thanksgiving dinner for your family can be complicated. For Ryan and Shawn it’s going to be even more complicated.
Part of the Codey‘s World 2012 Holiday Story Collection
Paris link You find yourself in a different city, a different country.
You find everything here is different, perhaps even a bit surrealistic.
Yet, you fit right in.
Repugnance Story link Commuting lets us encounter a lot of different people.
Some of them you‘d rather not encounter.
For example, a person who looks like they are homeless.
Rescue link When Mark set out on his Thanksgiving week backpacking trip, little did he know that it would not turn out anything like what he expected.
Sort of a Goat Story link Sometimes you‘re just a teen. Sometimes you act more like a goat. Find out why that happened to Joel.
Stop Lane story link Moving to a new town and going to a new high school is always tough; running into the school’s most notorious bully your first morning is especially unfortunate.
The Button story link Sometimes unbuttoning a button turns out to be very hard.
The Dreamcatcher story link Medical Science does not have cures for everything.
Sometimes the solution can be found in a tradition based
on a different kind of medicine.
The Dying Game story link Dying isn‘t a game — or is it? Laura and Marti will find out the answer to that question on one particular night when things get a lot scarier than these two girls ever imagined.
The Ghost in the Machine story link Don is a computer science major at U.C. Berkeley and is working as a summer intern at Olintex Corporation. He‘s asked to help solve a strange problem with one of the network computers. Will he discover what‘s wrong, or could it be that there is a ghost in the machine?
The Neighborhood story link She’s elderly and is insular, seldom venturing from her home.
Her husband would like her to take walks with him, but she resists. Walking would be good for her, she knows.
What would it be like if she took that first step?
Audio available
The Opera Leslie‘s first exposure to opera is when she hears Ash singing an aria. She becomes obsessed with the aria, and when she decides to find out which opera it‘s from the task turns out to be both simple and complicated…
The Rubber Game Rubber Game: [noun] The tiebreaker in the last of a tied series of baseball games; sometimes used in other types of contests and debates.
Mature theme and language. This story deals with a subject that can be an important issue for teens and their parents.
The Tale of Snow White story link We all are, or should be, familiar with the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In our tale you will learn the story that is rumored to have influenced the Brothers Grimm to take pen to paper. Is it true? That will be for you to decide. But remember, this is a fairy tale!
The Yellowjacket Nest story link A budding writer has just two problems that she needs to solve.
A story to write. And when to start.
Tipping Crows story link One of Tom’s chores irritates him. It’s what crows that fly over his yard do. He gets a clever idea — he will find a way to keep the crows away. His mom thinks it’s a good idea.
Doing it turns out to be complicated.
Two Boys on a Train story link Two boys on a train.
Another passenger wonders what they’re up to.
Flash Fiction Stories
A Frightening Halloween link A Drabble is a story with exactly 100 words. A Double-Drabble is a story with exactly 200 words. Here we have a Double-Drabble for Halloween that’s double-frightening and double-fun
Included in the 2014 Halloween Story Collection
on Codey’s World

A Little Feedback story link Tom‘s a bully, and he picks a target and makes their life miserable. But bullies need to realize that
someday there might be some feedback
A Paragraph About a Horse story link One of Andy Deats‘ instructors asked his class to write a paragraph describing a horse playing with an exercise ball. Andy offered it as a writing prompt on the Codey‘s World forum, and this is what I wrote. However, I changed it into several paragraphs so it‘s easier to read.
An Amazing Deed story link Under threat of destruction by a group of religious extremist aliens, two men discuss the salvation of the human race...
Anniversary story link Tom wakes up expecting Josh to be next to him as usual.
But he isn‘t...
Batting Practice story link We all know that love can be a distraction, but during batting practice that distraction can be painful...
Being Embarrassed story link Teenage boys embarrass easily.
But what is it that causes some of them
to be embarrassed so often?
Curt story link Sometimes, brothers are the best of friends.
Sometimes, not.
Embarrassment story link When you‘re 13 years old being embarrassed is just about the worst thing that can happen to you…
Friendships story link A few interesting facts about the Fourth of July
that you might not know.
Friendships story link You can have all kinds of friends. But what kind is the most important?
Helping My Sister story link Chris is surprised when his sister Anne calls him wanting help with a new cellphone. They live over 400 miles apart.
Will Chris be able to help her?
I'm a Big Girl Now story link Sometimes it pays to read the signs, particularly if you want to avoid getting yourself into an embarrassing situation...
Josh, Can We Talk? story link Human beings often require acceptance and compassion from the people around them, but both can sometimes be hard to find...
Lilly story link Some superstitions exist for a reason, and when a young girl strays too close to a cursed lake, her mother rightly fears the consequences…
Morgan Territory Road story link Jeff asks Dennis to go with him to a campus visit at College of the Pacific. Afterwards Jeff is excited and ready to apply, and Dennis is happy for his friend. It‘s what happens on their way home that’s going to change their lives.
My First Car story link For a teen, a guy, getting his first car can be a momentous milestone…
My Letterman's Jacket story link A high school football player has his best day ever.
Roommates story link First impressions can be dangerous things when they‘re wrong, but with some people those misperceptions can be quickly corrected...
Rumors story link Gossip can hurt when lies are spread and reputations are tarnished, but when the rumors are true, sometimes the gossip can yield positive results...
So Prove It story link A girl decides to prove she’s better than a boy.
The Day I Turned Gay story link There‘s a lot of discussion about whether a person is born gay or whether they can turn gay. Here‘s a guy who admits that he, indeed, turned gay and can pin it down to the exact date on the calendar.
What'd I Do Now? story link News, good or bad, always has the greatest emotional impact when it comes as a surprise...
Will Santa Really Come Tonight? story link A little boy wonders if Santa is really going to come on Christmas Eve. His parents think about something else.
A Poison Fog poem link What‘s it like when you‘re a kid and your parents have smoked all their lives?
Beauty and Youth poem link Is today different because beauty and youth are obsessive? Or is there some other truth.
Being Strong poem link A little girl reads a story about her daddy. Will the audience like her performance?
Doug I Love You poem link A celebration of enduring love... in the form of an acrostic
How Do I Say Goodbye poem link What are your thoughts when too soon you have to say goodbye so someone you love?
Rosemary Remembrance poem link Common, everyday things can often cause us to remember things from the past, sweet or poignant or both...
Sister poem link Parents like to think of their children as ideal siblings who love each other and get along, but that may not always be true...

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